Distant Guns Distant Guns

1 album available

Distant Guns are a two man recording army, whose mission is to explore the frontiers of the DIY ethic. Their plan is to regularly release "themed" 4-track EP's leading up to a full Album release.

Oh, and for what it's worth... Distant Guns are deeply suspicious of the Myspace phenomenon and lament that the word 'friend' has been so devalued. So don't even bother trying to add them as a friend... they will politely decline. It's nothing personal, they decline friend requests from absolutely everyone.
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Morbius Morbius

1 album available

Mark Back and Graham Cooke formed the first incarnation of Morbius in 1994. They were drawn together by a love of punk, synthesizers and sampling. Early material had an electronic slant, but soon their love of the Ramones and art-rockers The Cramps took over. Their sound had a new direction, they set about incorporating the Rock & Roll antics of punk into the electronic roots they had already established. By combining the love of a good rock track with the sonic possibilities afforded by electronic instruments they have a sound that is unmistakably Morbius.

Morbius released three full length Albums and...
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Synthpunk Discopanzer Synthpunk Discopanzer

1 album available

After nearly 15 years "Morbius" wrapped it up and returned with a new outfit...the "Synthpunk Discopanzer" (the name was taken from an early review of a Morbius single).

Utilising different production techniques, influences and equipment from Morbius, S.P.D.P. have a sound all of their own. Almost immediately they were met with a positive reaction, garnering more national recognition via Radio One and utilising the then early days of internet promotion, being one of the first bands to use sites such as MySpace to reach out to a wider audience.

Many tracks were recorded over a 3 year period but only a few...
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The Papertiger Sound The Papertiger Sound

1 album available

The Papertiger Sound began life as Dan Gelder's new music project in July 2006. It was created as a way to get back to the music he grew up with, namely My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, New Order and the Jesus and Mary Chain. The project stayed firmly in the bedroom until a friend suggested he put the few songs he had written onto myspace.

In September of that year Ker, a Canadian songwriter, wrote a blog on her myspace saying she was moving to Leeds in the United Kingdom and was looking for musicians to collaborate. As dan was also living...
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Xtro Xtro

1 album available

With influences ranging from "The Human League" to "Ferry Corsten" and everything in between, Xtro span the entire spectrum of electronic music. The music moves from dark, moody tracks to trance floor fillers but always retaining a distinct and unique identity.
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Egress is a new UK based record label and hopefully a lot more.
Anything goes, so expect far more than just music.
We hope to showcase artistic works as well as multimedia events.
We are particularly keen to work with bands, musicians and artists from the Norfolk,UK region and help to develop a vibrant community for artists and fans alike.

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