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String Forces is an eclectic band from Skopje, Macedonia. Their music covers a wide range from prog, electronica, experimental, and flavored with traditional macedonian music sources.
Started in 1995, until now they have 3 studio releases, music for a TV movie, live unplugged performance and numerous live appearances throughout the Balkans.
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Profundus is a small record label from Macedonia. Initially started as a record label for the needs of the bands that established it, back in 1997, String Forces and Earl Grey, in meantime it served also to the purpose of other well-known Macedonian bands and artists. These include Nora, B.O.R.G., SAF, Don't! Who? One., Soundgate and others.
Today, Profundus still serves as a main label for String Forces and other side projects of the members of String Forces.

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