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AntiMatterMan AntiMatterMan

1 album available

Bombastic darkwave industrial beats from
the teutonic master of metal mayhem!

From 1988, Sascha started making electronic music, in Germany, with an Atari1040STF, two synths and a self-made hall device. Then at Documenta IX in Kassel in 1992 he worked on 'Van Gogh TV' as composer and sound engineer. At the start of the millennia, Sash met with 'INTELLIGENTSIA', motivating his first commercial Project: 'PSYCLONIC PARANDROID', with the release of "Touching Tomorrow" on the 2001 global compilation "WORLDWIDEKIND". His artist name being a fusion of 4 words:
'Psychic' + 'Cyclone' and 'Para' + 'Android'.

The German label 'MetaWaveMusic' then signed Psyclonic Parandroid in 2002...
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Astromill Astromill

1 album available

Astromill is the electro sci-fi creation of singer / keyboard player Sheryl McMillan. Think a Beatlesque mixture of Imogen Heap and Kate Bush on Cyber Pop. Sheryl grew up in the USA and as an accomplished keyboardist played in numerous rock and new wave bands in the 80's, while working as an assistant studio engineer and touring the USA before moving to Los Angeles. She has recorded as session keyboardist, programmer and singer on numerous record projects as well as performing in live bands from spacey electronic to jazz to heavy metal.
Astromill's work can be found and digitally downloaded on...
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Christopher J Wray Christopher J Wray

3 albums available

Since 1987, Christopher J Wray has pursued the unique and unusual for his album soundscapes. With music spanning the ambient, progressive and symphonic electronica genres, CJ has managed to create his own disctinctive style, which has gained him a prodigious fanbase.

His recent albums Dreamers (2002,) Dreamers Two (2004) & The Time Bell (2006) have helped him to make his mark on the electronic music scene. CJ Wray has currently finished his brand new album entitled 'BERLIN' which is scheduled for a 2008 release.

More recently, Christopher joined UK/Japan Electro band INTELLIGENTSIA for future projects and performances.
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Intelligentsia Intelligentsia

12 albums available

Intelligentsia (composer Mirai and vocalist, Bron) combine layers of electronic sound with a soaring vocal range, and aim to re-animate the machine dominated world of electronica with a new body of attention-grabbing work, designed for live performance. The sound of Intelligentsia draws on the rich history of opera and electronic music, with Bron singing in Latin, German, English, Japanese and Italian. In their high energy live performances, Mirai utilises his custom-built tactile synthesizers and other cutting edge musical technology to transform their complex compositions into tangible, personal experiences. With MIRAI at the helm in London & Tokyo, they have written...
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Intelligentsia (CD-Single) Intelligentsia (CD-Single)

1 album available

Electronic music band Intelligentsia in collaborative works.
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WorldWideKind WorldWideKind

1 album available

Planet hop this journey from some of the most eclectic creators across the spheres of electronica & ambient.
Positive inspiration meets global collaboration.

WorldWideKind is a electronic music project
founded at the start of the millennia by the
Intelligentsia Network (futurist mailing list on YahooGroups)
Its main producers: Mirai [Intelligentsia], Steve Deg [Orangey],
Sascha Windrath [AntiMatterMan] & Victor Cerullo.

The WWK series so far has featured the following artists:

Andy Pickford [UK]
Astromill [USA/UK]
Andy Hagerty [Scotland]
Arthur Loves Plastic [USA]
AntiMatterMan (Psyclonic Parandroid) [Germany]
Andrea Priora [Italy]
Artskool [Norway/USA]
Alvaro M. Rocha [Portugal]
Bill Canty [Australia]
Christopher J Wray [UK]
Chris Born [USA]
Dr Jan (guru) [UK/Japan]
Elemental (Steve Stokes)...
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