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Alice Sweet Alice (ASA) — based in Kansas City, Missouri—USA — was conceived on Halloween of 2007. ASA, a 5-piece band founded by Scott Martinez on bass and vocals, released its’ first two albums with pianist and vocalist Ali Kat and online collaborative guitarist Jeffrey Galios. Following extensive tryouts in mid-2009, Billy Brown joined ASA on drums, with Tyler Klein and Alan Hicks completing ASA’s lineup on guitars. ASA released their sophomore album, “Moloko & Ultraviolence”, in May 2009. This is the pile-driven, powerhouse follow up to their premier release, “First Light”, released in 2008. Both LP’s are available for...
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Cauldron Soundwerx' is based in Dover Foxcroft, Maine USA — a beautiful, historically-rich New England town. We enjoy some of the finest talent our area has to offer, and try to use local businesses whenever possible. Our very own music studios are based in Dover-Foxcroft Maine — a fully Cakewalk SONAR®-based multitrack sound studio — which gives our bands COMPLETE CREATIVE FREEDOM (fancy that!), and allows Cauldron Soundwerx to not only become more involved in quality control of the recording process, but enables Cauldron Soundwerx to devote precious funds to marketing. Cauldron Soundwerx also works with 96 Tears who is newly partnered with Cauldron Soundwerx, who does all of our artwork for CD jewelcases, advertisements and also our web design. 96 Tears can be contacted through this website. JamZor Mastering ( does all of Cauldron's music post-production mastering — and is also located right here in New England.

Cauldron Soundwerx was conceived by Scott Martinez of Alice Sweet Alice (ASA) in 2007 when ASA was first founded, and initial organization was established.

To facilitate UK and European promotions, Cauldron Soundwerx is working closely with Ravenheart Music Services ( in Worcestershire, Kidderminster, England. For UK and European-related enqueries, please contact Dave Smith at:

In the coming months, Cauldron Soundwerx will be featuring new artists from around the world! Please visit for more information.


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