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Awake Mind by Salvinorin Awake Mind
5 tracks

Running time: 0:43:39
Released: 10/2009

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Mind Tweakers proudly announce the 10th digital EP: Salvinorin - Awake Mind. Salvinorin, also know as Beto, is a producer and a VJ from Brasilia, Brazil. In this EP, Beto brings to us his tribal and melodic side with five incredible songs that flows in a totally tribal drum experience. Some etno elements and a very good taste for melodies is also his trademarks. There is a very interesting participation by Ykalos, a Brazilian musician, doing with guitars a very harmonic composition. And in the background theme as usual, mind evolution and peace traduced in wave frequencies.
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Sound, Video & Graphic Design

The Vj, Dj and music producer Beto Salvinorin started his musical career recently, standing out with respected projects all over Brazil. Salvinorin is also a graphic designer, with some remarkable work on image fusion and visual artwork. His music draws reference from a wide array of styles, from traditional progressive rock to jazz and including world music, indian classical music, dub and downtempo. After his first contact with Goa Trance, Salvinorin has been dedicating himself to the “Psychedelic Ambient” style, in which he displays excellent projections and also plays sets of ethnic music and Indian mantras of spiritual elevation, the result if a highly psychedelic beautiful reflexive ambience. His music, definitely, instills harmony and enchantment. Salvinorin took part of festivals like “Mont Zion” (2006), “Natural Tranceport” (2007) and “Puro Ritmo” (2007), both in the east-central region. Additionally he has worked as a Vj and Dj in the “Festival Fora do Tempo” on north and Independance Festival at Porto Alegre, south of Brazil. Lately he has been preparing for the launch of his Live, which should take place very soon.

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