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Conversations with the Asteroid by nachtricht Conversations with the Asteroid
12 tracks

Running time: 1:18:58
Released: 04/2013

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In a year (2013) when asteroid visitors are known to be visiting close by (and one meteor has already gate-crashed the Russian star party without an invite) it is more than appropriate to send the Nachtricht craft on a flight of investigation, seeking intelligence and if possible useful materials, at the same time if need be deflecting any threat from our path so as to avoid another KT boundary. But using the sounds of synths, echo guitar and digital percussion is not guaranteed to achieve worthwhile communication with such apparently random wanderers of the skies whose size and strength and...
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Celestial Glister by nachtricht Celestial Glister
10 tracks

Running time: 1:15:23
Released: 10/2011

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nachtricht, the celestial navigator, takes us beyond our Milky Way galaxy into deep space where no man has been, and when and if he does he will have become unrecognizable as we know him. Out in that deep sky we circumnavigate ten heavenly entities, whose gyrations throw us now into seas of fury, now into quiet, still calms, as of rock pools, wherein we can ponder endlessly that which lies beyond man's touch and knowledge, a place where Gottsching meets Rother and Moebius, overseen by nachtricht guitar, weaving its way amongst the detritus of the universe, now cool, now hot,...
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uber: ghosts of berlin by nachtricht uber: ghosts of berlin
2 tracks

Running time: 2:26:34
Released: 09/2010

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The mothership nachtricht takes you on a new journey, an old journey, of the past, of the future, and maybe even of the present, where early Orb meets System 7, a sister album to Rendlesham Lights, in style if not in subject, embracing the sights and sounds of a Berlin visited upon by other aliens, humans of a kind, with Berlin lounge guitar leaking through the bullet holes and between the footsteps...

We meet the convergent hums of richness and squalor, business and industry, drugs and sex, a continuum of cabaret that transcends the ages a morphing collage as the...
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Rendlesham Lights by nachtricht Rendlesham Lights
16 tracks

Running time: 2:39:20
Released: 08/2010

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Double Album
Disc 1: tracks 1-8
Disc 2: tracks 9-16

Rendlesham Lights, 30th anniversary December 2010, Britain’s Roswell or a hoax depending upon your point of view a forest-scape, possibly inhabited, however briefly, by aliens and their craft as they are pursued by the US military – an abstract piece of overlapping rhythmic sequences and arps, plus pads and synthetic lead shapes, with a little guitar bleeding into the cracks – including also surreal recorded site ambience and, who knows, possibly the very sound of alien tongues – drop in on those conversations about us earthlings if you dare, hear the essences of...
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From That Moment On by nachtricht From That Moment On
22 tracks

Running time: 2:37:38
Released: 07/2009

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Double Album
Disc 1: tracks 1-11
Disc 2: tracks 12-22

In this new album the now familiar Nachtricht sound of guitar-driven EM decorates a non-linear chronology of man's excursions beyond his native Earth.

Celebrating NASA projects Gemini, Skylab, and Apollo, and in particular the successful moon landing of Apollo 11, the album commemorates the 40th anniversary of that event as well as being a remembrance of those who gave their lives in pursuit of man's challenge in Space.

The album carries a narrative of these events, but a second free bonus album contains all of the music but none of the words so the listener...
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With the Floe by nachtricht With the Floe
11 tracks

Running time: 1:10:13
Released: 12/2008

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This is the soundtrack to a virtual documentary on the subject of... ice. An arctic soundscape. A panorama painted with guitar drizzled on ice, embroidered by synth pads, sequences, arpeggios and abstract percussion.

It reveals the cracking of a blue world, the ripping of ice punctuated by the sounds of sea animals, real and imagined, and the hand of man at work on the floes.

Wrap up warm when you listen to this one - chill out or what...?
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Cosmosis by nachtricht Cosmosis
1 tracks

Running time: 1:17:56
Released: 01/2008

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Originally the intended soundtrack for a radio science discussion programme but now released as a stand-alone CD length track of guitar driven EM / Space Music where we wend our way on another galactic odyssey with the spirits of Captains Pinhas and Fripp assisting at the Nachtricht bridge...
'one huge trip-out...some really nice Gilmour-esque guitar soloing...recalling early Heldon, Ashra, 1970s Klaus Schulze...atmospheric space-music...gliss and shimmer...the soundtrack to a surreal dream...' Alan Freeman/AUDION #54 Sept 08
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Oceans of Space by nachtricht Oceans of Space
19 tracks

Running time: 2:39:46
Released: 06/2007

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Double Album
Disc 1: Tracks 1-9
Disc 2: Tracks 10-19

The melding of EM with electric guitar and fx to create a series of tracks of varying style, mostly rhythmic, all with a space theme of one kind or another.
'hints of Ashra and Schulze now given full reign . . . swirling and spacey synths obvious Gottsching and Gilmour influences, also a feel of Michael Rother . . . a rewarding experience.' Dave Griffith AUDION 55
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Glimpses of Infinity by nachtricht Glimpses of Infinity
1 tracks

Running time: 1:16:11
Released: 06/2006

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A single CD length EM track threaded with guitar colours representing the view of space from the vantage point of the rim of a heavenly body.
'a vast spacious soundscape . . . echoed guitar weaves effortlessly through washes of ethereal synths, overlaid by slowly evolving guitar patterns . . . barely registered themes drift in and out of the consciousness . . . music to listen to in the dark.' Dave Griffith AUDION 55
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Voices of Cissbury Ring by nachtricht Voices of Cissbury Ring
1 tracks

Running time: 1:18:32
Released: 06/2005

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A single CD length EM track following the sounds of the theoretical history of the Cissbury Ring ancient site in Sussex, England, incorporating the lives, loves, battles and deaths of people, children and even some animals who would have lived through the eons in that place deep in the countryside - a very different kind of space.
'a wonderfully evocative and engrossing composition . . . a haunting backdrop to your own imagination . . . hinting towards Ashra or possibly Schulze . . . ' Dave Griffith AUDION 55
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Originally a covers band guitarist I became intrigued by the sonic possibilities of early synthesisers and for a while made EM without guitars.Those were the days of UK Elektronica, EM discussions with Steve Joliffe, Tim Story, Ian Boddy (now on the Zeit team I see - good man!), Paul Nagle, Andy Garibaldi, and the Freeman brothers. Music was distributed on cassette - mine on Colin Potter's ICR label with a sample(of the album Fuji, Pillowbook of Dreams) included on INKEYS no 9.

I bought my first synth, a broken MOOG Satellite, cheap because the shop didn't know how to repair it. Somehow I had it up and running in a few days. Then I bought a MOOG Prodigy from Rod Argent in Denmark St/ Tin Pan Alley, while Jools Holland was boogieing in the background ona white grande - not Lennon's. Then a string Synth from Mick Clarke, who's EM album Games was a minor hit in Europe. Lastly (at that time) a Sequential Circuits Pro One from a guy who claimed to be in Rory Gallagher's band - hardly sounds likely but you know what these musos stories are. . .

For a while I gave up producing music, distracted by marriage, family - and the day job! Now I've returned to the fray I'm combining synth and samples with guitar textures (I'm an FX junkie) plus guitar synth, in a guitar driven EM, sequences and all, but trying to avoid the all too common 'rock out' option.
My inspirations include Gottsching/Rother/ Pinhas/Hillage on my Oceans of Space double CD, while for my Voices of Cissbury Ring and Glimpses of Infinity albums I defer more to the ambient colours of Roach/Rich/Obmana. Cosmosis sees a more Fripp/Pinhas soundscape, mainly improvised, originally intended as the backdrop to a radio science discussion programme
Ultimately though my music is me, Nachtricht, no more, no less. I hope you like it.

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