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The Redundant Pioneer by Distant Guns The Redundant Pioneer
4 tracks

Running time: 0:21:02
Released: 08/2009

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Egress UK is pleased to announce the third EP from Distant Guns, which explores themes of travel, geography, dislocation and the consequences of drinking on a boat.

"We Set Sail From Granadaland"

This would be the soundtrack to the film ‘Under Siege’… if Frank Gallagher had taken the role played by Steven Seagal.


A voice is telling you to leave this town. You should listen to it.

"First Night On A Hostile Planet"

When there’s nowhere left that doesn’t have a ‘Rough Guide’, where will the true explorers go?

"The Hardest Man In Alaska"

A Cambridge accountant undergoes an epic struggle in the frozen wilderness… to impress...
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Distant Guns are a two man recording army, whose mission is to explore the frontiers of the DIY ethic. Their plan is to regularly release "themed" 4-track EP's leading up to a full Album release.

Oh, and for what it's worth... Distant Guns are deeply suspicious of the Myspace phenomenon and lament that the word 'friend' has been so devalued. So don't even bother trying to add them as a friend... they will politely decline. It's nothing personal, they decline friend requests from absolutely everyone.

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