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Five Suns by Free System Projekt Five Suns
5 tracks

Running time: 2:09:03
Released: 04/2017

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Double album.
Disk 1: Tracks 1-2
Disk 2: Tracks 3-5

Five Suns is a concept album based on the Aztec myth about the cycle of life, death and rebirth of the earth.
It has the very recognisable Free System Projekt sequencer parts, but also very dark and gloomy ambient parts.
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Legacy by Free System Projekt Legacy
3 tracks

Running time: 1:19:25
Released: 04/2011

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Heritage is recorded live at Rathaus Schöneberg, Berlin.

Legacy and Prophecy are recorded live at the Enck Theatre, Oirschot with Gert Emmens on drums.
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Procyon by Free System Projekt Procyon
3 tracks

Running time: 1:02:30
Released: 02/2009

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Previous unreleased music by Free System
Projekt. "Procyon A" and " Proycon B"
recorded live at Hampshire Jam 2008,
Liphook, UK. "And Then There Were Two"
previously unreleased live version recorded
in the Spring of 1999, at the 3 in 1 Theatre
in Huizen, The Netherlands. This was the
very first live performance of Ruud Heij,
when he joined Free System Projekt of Marcel
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Passenger 4, by FSP and DAT by Free System Projekt Passenger 4, by FSP and DAT
6 tracks

Running time: 1:01:45
Released: 01/2009

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Before I heard this CD I thought that
these two acts would make an unlikely
combination. The last album by FSP
'Atmospheric Conditions' was an all out
Berlin School fest wonderfully overdosing
on sequences and retro sounds but with DAT
I expect a more measured and restrained
approach. In fact the first track is just
by DAT so I was anticipating some
carefully crafted scene setter. Tinkling
bell chimes and dark drones provide just
the sort of start to 'Pre-Flight' I was
expecting. A slow sequence starts up less
than two minutes in however which is then
replaced by a...
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British Aisles by Free System Projekt British Aisles
3 tracks

Running time: 2:16:41
Released: 05/2008

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Double album
Disc 1: Track 1
Disc 2: Tracks 2-3

On this live album, recorded in the UK in May 2008, Free System Projekt catapult the audience back over 30 years to the heady days of Tangerine Dream's cathedral performances of the mid 70's. Their massive modular systems pulsated, lights flashed, 'tron style voices soared, and atmospherics cajoled. The audience was totally captivated, and you can now hear why. It was an awe-inspiring performance, captured here in its totality and presented in digital lossless quality remastered directly from the soundboard recording (the background "atmos" during the early sections of the first set was...
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Narrow Lane by Free System Projekt Narrow Lane
2 tracks

Running time: 1:18:02
Released: 04/2008

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Wonderful deep dark drones, like some
alien craft coming in to land, are
juxtapositioned by soft eerie mellotron.
This would have felt right at home on
Tangerine Dream's 'Sorcerer' album.
Atmospheric starts are nothing new to a
Berlin School style track but this really
is top draw stuff which sets us up nicely
for the absolutely astonishingly awesome
Rubycon style sequence. It weaves and
morphs this way and that supported by the
most gorgeous backing embellished by soft
flutey synth. The sequence moves up a
couple of registers, becoming increasingly
manic as it does so (by now there is also...
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Gent by Free System Projekt Gent
4 tracks

Running time: 1:11:00
Released: 10/2007

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Next to Redshift, FSP are the most popular
band amongst our customers, so a new album
is something of an event. 'Desolate
Landscape' just oozes atmosphere as a low
brooding rumble is joined by sinister
undulating drone. Gradually things get
more intense, like a vast turbulent cloud
of evil coming down to Earth engulfing all
before it. In the fourth minute a sequence
can be heard low in the mix like the
frightened pulse of some fleeing animal.
Another sequence in deployed then another
as if an opposing force is joining battle
with the darkness. The pulsations keep
coming forming...
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Moyland by Free System Projekt Moyland
6 tracks

Running time: 1:05:55
Released: 03/2006

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Moyland Part 1 was recorded at the third
Hampshire Jam and certainly brings back
some very pleasant memories. Lovely
Mournful tron / organ type sounds are
punctuated by the occasional cosmic
effect. These give way to lonesome flutey
synth and big bass rumbles. As far as
atmospheric intros go it really doesn't
get any better than this. A very deep and
equally melancholy lead line strikes up,
grasping your very soul. This is pure
class. The rather dense nature of the
track is kept up as a wonderful thick
steamroller of a sequence makes a
bludgeoning entrance. It increases in pace
and a second even faster one joins it...
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Impulse 2005 by Free System Projekt Impulse 2005
7 tracks

Running time: 1:11:38
Released: 02/2005

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What we have here is Free System Project's first ever album, when it was all down to Marcel Engels (Ruud Heij and Frank van der Wel not joining until the third album). It was recorded between June and August 1996. All the tracks are prefixed 'Impulse' and 'The Closening' features upbeat sequencing and genuinely strong melodic themes. The track lasts almost 10 minutes, the first 7 dominated by electronic rhythms and searing synths. Then the mood changes as poignant chords are overlaid by piano refrains underlining the versatility available here. 'The Nightmare' presents luscious synth pads before embarking on another...
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Protoavis by Free System Projekt Protoavis
3 tracks

Running time: 1:15:26
Released: 04/2004

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With each subsequent FSP release, their sound goes backward in time. Pointless Reminder was loaded with vintage sounds, but its more structured approach was in keeping with Tangerine Dream from 1980 or so. Atmospheric Conditions moved back to perhaps 1977. Now, Protoavis takes us fully back into the freeform experimental days of 1974 – not of Phaedra so much as Tangerine Dream's long space epics from bootleg recordings such as Live Improvised. In this case, stepping backward is definitely a step in the right direction. I scarcely can imagine Marcel Engels and company improving much further, though they continue to...
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Free System Projekt was founded in 1995 by Marcel Engels. Between 1995 and 2001 Marcel played with several guest members, like Dave Brewer, Bill Fox and AirSculpture. In 1999 Ruud Heij joined as a permanent member. In 2001 Frank van der Wel joined as long term member for 6 years, and left in the summer of 2007. Free System Projekt produces Electronic Music in the style of Tangerine Dream, Michael Hoenig and Klaus Schulze from the 1970's, trying to recreate the atmosphere from that era.

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