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Chthonic Netherworld by Paul Stokes Chthonic Netherworld
11 tracks

Running time: 0:26:01
Released: 01/2009

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Chthonic Netherworld includes musical visions of far-away planets and Otherworlds and Dimensions. Interested in Particle Physics yet a Christian Creationist in thinking, Paul Stokes explores here, some of the latest understanding of Scientists. Oservations that Scientists keep coming up with is the beauty and the complexity of structure of everything even down at 'Exotic Particle' level. Paul Stokes has a project lined up for the future that will explore the relationship of music to Exotic particles.
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Storm by Paul Stokes Storm
6 tracks

Running time: 0:20:59
Released: 11/2007

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STORM-Another album from the Emerald City Productions stable by Paul Stokes-Herbst as he is otherwise known.
This Classical album-Storm was conceived over a period of time through the observation of natural events both through the Media and in reality in the natural world. I walk a lot in forests of the local North Yorkshire Moors in all conditions! Understanding a little of how nature works and its power has enabled me to interpret I hope, the events such as Katrina-the massive hurricane in the USA, into musical form. Katrina though is more of a lament for...
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Cosmic Renditions by Paul Stokes Cosmic Renditions
9 tracks

Running time: 0:27:29
Released: 09/2007

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Selling as Library/Production Music, Cosmic Renditions is now released (September 07)as an EP because of the interest shown. A wide genre creates pshycho-acoustic sounds of inter-planetry travel possibly to creatures lurking in alien forests whether through Classical or Electronic instrumentation! Just use you imagination and go on a journey?

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Easy Street by Paul Stokes Easy Street
12 tracks

Running time: 0:54:04
Released: 06/2007

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Easy Street Studio Album that will take your mind to desert islands and calm seas. With Paul Stokes exploration of Space themes tracks included as he usually does so well there is plenty to appeal. ‘Neutrino' is an Epic track that explores the idea of moving from one place to another-you can image craft or particles on their journey within their own particular Universe.
‘Jazz Lounge’-try taking a cappuccino over this one?-It's a journey back in time! With variety on this album there is something for everyone……

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Naturalforce by Paul Stokes Naturalforce
13 tracks

Running time: 0:46:29
Released: 04/2007

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A thematic musical exploration of the power of Mother Nature, especially in the piece Katrina' inspired by the hurricane Katrina. These are all emotional Landscapes meant to inspire and excite.
More comprehensive than the EP ‘Naturale’, ‘Naturalforce’ is a more definitive version and perhaps more ‘romantic’ in places. Disconnection/The Passing/Release are taken when music defining a local...
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Naturale by Paul Stokes Naturale
8 tracks

Running time: 0:19:54
Released: 02/2007

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From Forests to Sharks, and Sea to Chase, here is a fascinating musical glimpse of these phenomina through the musical eye of the composer. Paul Stokes has clearly interpreted the visible into the audio Lanscape-we can experience being underwater as in Shark Attack, while our minds imagination is lit up in that cold world with the sharks eye spotting a movement and the chase murderously starts to it's end where all that is left is debris form the carcass!
Paul Stokes has had a lively interest for years in the Natural...
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Sunken Worlds by Paul Stokes Sunken Worlds
9 tracks

Running time: 0:12:23
Released: 02/2007

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A collection of dark orchestral miners themes representing the life above and below ground. These works carry the miners mood-mysterious with a touch of melancholy.
Theses pieces are reflections on dark caverns and the fear of death yet with the mark of the heroic nature of these men who stumbled through water and Mud in the twilight of the odd candle. Yet these men maintained their courage and were welcomed after an 90 mins walk to the surface by their wives and families. Imagine what a summers one day off...
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Eclectic 2 by Paul Stokes Eclectic 2
12 tracks

Running time: 0:13:43
Released: 02/2007

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Written and used on Film, these short pieces constitute a collection that are certainly miles apart but provide the listener with insight on the composition for Film. They were included because the pieces stand on their own, each with differing flavours. You can make your own mind up on where each might be used-chase scene/Romance etc. Of interest is the piece for a Film on mining here in the North East of the UK-deep and Historical. 'Sorry' embodies the word-taken from a comedy but you get the flavour! Have a go-see where you could fit the pieces.....?
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Imagination by Paul Stokes Imagination
6 tracks

Running time: 0:37:49
Released: 02/2007

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‘Imagination’- A well received album of New Age and Electronic Instrumental Orchestral works. An intense weaving of beautiful Melodic Themes with driving percussion yet set in beds of subtle strings at times-electronic or otherwise. Lie back and think of Outer Space…of Orion or Dark Matter! It’s your choice.
Conceived purely with Electronic Synth’s in studio, Paul Stokes breathes the life of his imagination into these tracks and you are taken on a visual journey which takes you through a breathtaking vista-some say at 14Min 49sec it’s a masterpiece of ‘Creation’-whatever it is, it is a joy to...
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Industrianopolis by Paul Stokes Industrianopolis
17 tracks

Running time: 0:22:29
Released: 06/2006

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‘Industrianopolis’ is a reworking of Paul Stokes’ largely shorter works and containing still a large variation of soundscapes, but with some kind of ‘edge’ to them in most cases. Again these works are assembled from Films that have been worked on, but stand up in their own right. They deserve consideration, because they are representative of the unique ‘mind’ of the composer and his stamp. Another composer for the same piece will come up with a different theme, and orchestration. This is an example of the complexity of the nature of Man. Here you have...
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Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Paul Stokes now lives in Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England. He has had classical and rock experience and now spends his time composing and creating new works. Co-forming the band-Giantkiller, led to concerts and albums. About this time the punk era was born, but the band remained rock-influenced, although borrowing some of the punk energy!
From the early 70s to the mid 80s, two albums were made with the band in Pasadena, USA, and one in Pity-Me, County Durham.
He continued after some time out, to write songs and instrumental works, eventually completing a solo instrumental album in 2000-‘IMAGINATION’.
Classically trained on piano, he quickly found it restrictive and progressed, learning from other musical styles - typically pop, rock and roll.
His writing crosses over the divides of classical/rock/popular and other genres, using some of the latest Hi-tech studio production techniques and samples. Writing in various styles, it is said that the rich textures and melodic themes excite, producing a "film-like" quality.
Changes in direction came after successfully completing a Diploma in ‘Music for the Media’ with the Los Angeles Film Institute (film, TV, Corporate Video, Games etc) through Deepwater Blue.
Scores for a film short-STIX-by Director Steve Peckover starring: Libby Davidson & Vic Reeves, including a trailer for the World renowned ANNIMEX awards followed recently. In 2004, Paul Composed a work called Concepcion, dedicated to his Fathers memory which was arranged and conducted by the famous film composer: Deborah Mollison, and performed by members of the Northern Sinfonia and others.
Further works include writing the trailers for Annimex Film Festival 05 & 06 including the trailer Music for ‘A Century in Stone’ by Director Craig Hornby.
Paul has recently had albums put on itunes (search under Paul Stokes and Paul Stokes-Herbst) his latest being a Symphonic work-STORM.

In the Future Paul will continue with Experimental Works and Compositions, including Classical and Electronic Music and other collaborations.
Developing his company-Emerald City Productions as a vehicle is of important.
See for more details and to hear the music.

• IMAGINATION-Solo album in 2000
• STIX (2003)-Commendy Film by Steve Peckover starring Libby Davidson and Vic Reeves.
• TAKE my HAND (2003)-Music to poem by Kosana Vusami.
• CONCEPCION (2003)-Classical work performed by members of the Northern Sinfonia and conducted by the noted Deborah Mollison.
• A CENTURY IN STONE (2004)-Trailer score-by Director Craig Hornby.
• ANNIMEX-(2005 & 2006) International Film Festival Trailer music.
• STORM (2006)-A Orchestral Symphonic Work released on itunes.
• OORT CLOUDS (2006)-Library Music CD, of Atmospheric Music.
• NATURALVIBZE (2006)-Library Music CD of Orchestral Type works.
• COSMIC Renditions (2008)- Library Music CD
• EASY STREET (2008)- Library Music CD
• NATURALE (2008)- Library Music CD
• NATRUALFORCE (2008)- Library Music CD
• KITS & BITS (2008)- Library Music CD
• ECLECTIC 2(2008)- Library Music CD
• INDUSTRIANOPLOIS (2008)- Library Music CD
• SUNKEN WOR(2008)- Library Music CD
• SENARIO (2008)- Library Music CD
• CHTHONIC NETHERWORLD (2008)- Library Music CD
• STORM (2008)- Library Music CD
• IMAGINATION (2008)- Library Music CD

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