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Signal by Erez Yaary Signal
6 tracks

Running time: 0:51:28
Released: 12/2014

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Continuing the journey started in the album Signal, Signal dives deeper into fusing orchestral and synthesised sounds and melodies. New harmonic structured are layered on top of electronic beats and sequences generated by the analog modular synthesizer, which delivers a new and exciting sound tapestry.

Signal's sound is darker and more 'analog' in nature due to the use of vintage sound processing that deliver classical '70 ambience to the music.

Recorded and mixed at the Skylight Studio January-October 2013
Violin on Sensor - Dominik Chmurski

Released on 11-12-13
Analog, Digital, Modular Systems used
Mastered November 2013 at the Skylight Studio

Analog Modular Synthesizer, Roland MKS-70 Super JX,...
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Moab by Erez Yaary Moab
6 tracks

Running time: 0:59:49
Released: 11/2011

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When I started composing Moab, I had a concept album in my head that is based on the fusion of Analog synthesize and orchestral sounds, which I carried with me for several years, but did not find the right balance between the two.

Listening to Tron Legacy soundtrack, I immediately recognized that there’s a way to realize my idea of blending analog and orchestra sounds together into something entirely new. Time spent on Moab was considerable as I focused on crafting analog sounds that could be mixed with orchestral sounds of strings and brass in a way for the listener to...
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Darklight by Erez Yaary Darklight
5 tracks

Running time: 0:56:43
Released: 04/2010

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darklight is an album of contrast. From the dark atmosphere and sequences of the track dark, to
the wide soundscapes of the track light. For me, this album took the longest to finish as I wanted it to
sound exactly as I had in mind, and for this I had also built a complete analog modular synthesizer that
I could use to create all the sounds and timbres that make up darklight.
darklight ventures further into the realm of analog-driven electronic music by having the modular
synthesizer take charge of more than half of the sound...
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Ambience by Erez Yaary Ambience
6 tracks

Running time: 0:56:13
Released: 08/2009

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It is all around us, ambience. A notion of distance and proximity that we all get its vibes. It can be as big as the air around us or as small as the space between two atoms, it can reside above the ground, under or inside it. Wherever it is, and whomever it affects, it has a grave impact on our world, both physically and spiritually. This album captures the essence of ambience in some of its forms, brings to the listener a grasp of its true nature.
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Synergos by Erez Yaary Synergos
1 tracks

Running time: 0:39:23
Released: 03/2007

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Erez Yaary - Synergos
"Synergos" is one long and fluid piece of music, soothing and encompassing. Almost 40 minutes from start to finish in one bite. It is my most ambitious creation, composing and producing a single unit of 40 minutes where an external sequencer was dealing with all the poly-rhythmic steps while the internal Apple based sequencer was dealing with longer musical cues.
In the making of this project, two hardware devices where built in order to extend the sound pallet used in the album as well as provide additional compositional control. The first is the SID Box 6561, a...
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Atmosphere by Erez Yaary Atmosphere
6 tracks

Running time: 0:39:50
Released: 03/2006

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Erez Yaary - Atmosphere
In continuation to the previous album, blind vision, atmosphere captures the soundscapes of the '70 in electronic music. Listeners will be able to find hints of old Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre music of that time embedded within a contemporary sound, melodies and production. This album took 6 months to produce from start to finish and the process of making it was smooth and flowing, indicating a harmonic creation. The album itself is structured as one long piece.
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Blind Vision by Erez Yaary Blind Vision
7 tracks

Running time: 1:02:26
Released: 03/2005

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Erez Yaary - Blind Vision
This studio album was conceived out of the concept of the hybrid world we live in of analog and digital co-existing, especially in music. In composing and producing the album, special care was taken to sound palette selection as well as instrumentation and song ordering in order to blend together analog and digital sounds and concepts in a fascinating way. This album is a concept one, with analog style sequences taken from the early moog and ARP step sequences along with early drum module sounds up until rich harmonics and digital pads and solo lines.
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Nibiru by Erez Yaary Nibiru
8 tracks

Running time: 0:52:36
Released: 03/2003

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Erez Yaary - Nibiru
Nibiru, thought to be the 10th planet of the solar system that is affecting Neptune and Pluto's orbits, has a rotation span around the sun of 3600 years. 6000 years old Sumerian clay tablets portray a race called Anunnaki that have come down to earth boarding chariots of fire in order to rule the earth.
Sumar is an ancient civilization that flourished in the area called Mesopotamia, between 4500 B.C. and 2000 B.C. Many modern concepts have been formed in Sumar, like the Calendar and the Metric System. This is the musical voyage of the 10th planet...
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Solar Voyages by Erez Yaary Solar Voyages
7 tracks

Running time: 0:44:44
Released: 03/2000

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Erez Yaary - Solar Voyages
A solar voyage through 7 musical passages combining atmospheres and melodies interwoven with energetic synthesized sounds and sequences. Huge analog sounds, bright pads, crystal bells and a lot of mystic melodies like to escort the audience straight to the middle of our sunsystem.
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Back in 1986, I got my first analog, well, partially analog, synthesizer: a Roland Juno-106. Using an Atari 800XL and a music composing software, I began to compose and produce electronic music similar to Berlin School artists like Tangerine Dream, Chris Franke and Edgar Froese as well as other European artists like Jean Michel Jarre and Vangelis. My music is a mixture of lush synthesizer pads, hard-beat sequences and strong melodies that create an atmosphere in which the listener's imagination is set free.

Over the years, from 1986 till 1994, albums "Projects I" till "Projects V" have been produced. During the course of 1991, together with a friend, I had formed "The Omega Project", an Electronic/New Wave band that produced songs and lyrics, which were sung by a female singer with a beautiful voice. Of this venture, a debut album was produced with the band name. After a stop-period of five years, from 1994 till 1999, in which I had attended other ventures, I had completely turned my home studio into a virtual one, whereas everything is done within the realms of the computer and dumped almost all my outboard gear.

"Solar Voyages" marks my return to music composition and production to be followed by "Retrospective", a look-back at past projects and music, assembling the very best from those works, re-doing them to fit the new times both from a personal aspect as well as a production one.

Then followed the next studio album named "Nibiru". This album depicts the story of the believed-to-exist 10th planet of our solar system in which, according to ancient mythologies, reside a race called Annunaki. Ancient stories of extra-terrestrial visits of that race can be found in many ancient culture's stories. The album is an atmospheric one with mood that shifts from dark ambient to tribal rhythms. Nibiru sold well, was well received by online resellers as well as radio playlist owners.

During the course of 2004, a new project emerged titled "ambience", and was released on early 2005 and is attributed with up-tempo and energetic rhythm section as well as strong sequencers and structures. In 2005-2006, the studio album "blind vision" saw the light of day and was a natural advancement after "ambience", showcasing similar melodies and ambient space as its predecessor. The studio album "atmosphere", which was released in 2006, took a different path than the previous two albums. '70 era melodies and structures dominate this release, using phasing and flanging effects as well as a plethora of vintage equipment.

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