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About Time by Pan Electric & Ishq About Time
8 tracks

Running time: 1:04:37
Released: 01/2009

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The 4th release on Absolute Ambient is About Time.

ISHQ & PAN ELECTRIC explore the great intangible element of the universe through minimal electronica and lush ambiances.

Melodic and textural and often hypnotic and bewitching, and using the fattest analogue and digital synths available to man!

"Time is a more precious commodity than any gem or stone and yet you can't hold it or trade it. Like air you cannot see it. Like water it constantly flows, shaped only by the emotional topography we project on to it. Like fate it cannot be escaped. It contains no molecules and yet it binds us...
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Elemental Journey by Pan Electric & Ishq Elemental Journey
5 tracks

Running time: 1:09:39
Released: 11/2008

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"With ELEMENTAL JOURNEY Matt Coldrick and Matt Hillier (aka ISHQ) affirm their commitment to music as a medium for the contemplation of nature.

Elemental journey is for those yearning for authenticity in an increasingly artificial world."

Chuck van Zyl – Stars end

With licensed to Greenpeace /CH4's cutting edge documentary "The Deadline" this album draws on acid rock and space ambiance going through layer upon layer of sonic texture to connect.

"Each piece reflects the textures and feelings, perhaps the essence of each element to conjure up imagery in the listeners mind and create an association and a resonance with the...
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Pan Electric: Pan Electric is a collective of Brighton and London based musicians lead by Matt Coldrick. Drawing on a misspent childhood of progressive rock and car theft Pan Electric is the natural choice of the suburban hoodlum - slightly over-privileged and yet not burdened with an inheritance, moody rather than angry, obsessed with detail and shamelessly textural and melodic. Pan Electric creates just enough music to justify existing whilst avoiding the publicity minefield of being labelled prolific … Matt’s talent lies in using everybody else’s skills to make him look good and were it not for tax reasons he’d probably have used his own name rather than a bankrupt cooking utensil company from Milwaukee. Talent borrows Genius steals! The third Pan Electric album “The furred album” is currently being genetically modified in the laboratory...

Ishq: Based in Cornwall, England. Ishq is Matt Hillier and Jacqueline Kersley. They have been working in ambient and electronica music since the mid 90’s and release music also under various other names including Elve and Ishvara and on their own record label “Virtual”. Their music is often deep, otherworldy, magical and unique.

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