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René Splinter, born on December 1968 in The Hague, The Netherlands, started building up his electronic music studio since 1986, and created several soundscapes and tracks, heavily inspired by the German electronic rock genre (Berlin School) of the early eighties. In 1989, he recorded his first album project called ‘Almery’. The album was released on cassette and several tracks were aired on ‘Maneuvers in het Donker’ (radio show on the national Belgium radio station). Since then, many more tracks were recorded, but never released.

During the last few years, Rene, who now lives in Rotterdam city, decided to continue as an electronic musician after a long period of inactivity, and worked on his new studio and private lable Studio35D, seriously working on new material. This material is highly inspired and motivated by artist Souw TikHien, who asked for supporting music for his projects.

Recently, some of his work from the early nineties has been recovered and remastered for future release, including the ‘Almery’ album. Some of these and other tracks have been broadcasted recently on the Tangerine Dream Fans Zone radio show podcast and Syndae podcasts.

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