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World Wide Kind 1.5 by WorldWideKind World Wide Kind 1.5
15 tracks

Running time: 1:19:19
Released: 12/2008

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WORLDWIDEKIND 1.5 (digital only release)

01 ASTROMILL - To the Earth and Back (wwk2)
02 ANTIMATTERMAN - E-People (wwk2)
03 STEVE DEG (Orangey) - Sweetly (wwk)
04 VICTOR CERULLO - Freedom (wwk2)
05 ANTIMATTERMAN - Touching Tomorrow (wwk)
06 INTELLIGENTSIA - Global Village (wwk)
07 VICTOR CERULLO - Jon's Theme (wwk)
08 STEVE DEG (Orangey) - Better World (wwk)
09 INTELLIGENTSIA - WorldWideChild (wwk2)

BONUS Tracks:

10 CHRISTOPHER J WRAY - Bird of Sorrow (wwk3)
11 INTELLIGENTSIA - Global Village (Radio Mix)
12 ASTROMILL - Cold in the Middle (instrumental remix)
13 ANTIMATTERMAN - Twisted Science (E-People Mix)
14 ANDREA...
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Planet hop this journey from some of the most eclectic creators across the spheres of electronica & ambient.
Positive inspiration meets global collaboration.

WorldWideKind is a electronic music project
founded at the start of the millennia by the
Intelligentsia Network (futurist mailing list on YahooGroups)
Its main producers: Mirai [Intelligentsia], Steve Deg [Orangey],
Sascha Windrath [AntiMatterMan] & Victor Cerullo.

The WWK series so far has featured the following artists:

Andy Pickford [UK]
Astromill [USA/UK]
Andy Hagerty [Scotland]
Arthur Loves Plastic [USA]
AntiMatterMan (Psyclonic Parandroid) [Germany]
Andrea Priora [Italy]
Artskool [Norway/USA]
Alvaro M. Rocha [Portugal]
Bill Canty [Australia]
Christopher J Wray [UK]
Chris Born [USA]
Dr Jan (guru) [UK/Japan]
Elemental (Steve Stokes) [USA]
Nathan McCree & Matt Kemp (Tomb Raider) [UK]
Intelligentsia (feat. Adeyto) [UK/Japan]
Jon Ray [USA]
Kees Aerts & Ron Boots [Netherlands]
Nicholas D. Kent [USA]
Richard Wentk [UK/Poland]
Steve Deg (Orangey) [UK/Japan/Hungary]
with Paul Gomersall (Blur, Kate Bush) [UK/Australia]
Susumu Hirasawa (P-Model) [Japan]
T-Bass [UK]
Thomas Gruberski [Switzerland/Poland]
Victor Cerullo [Italy]
XtremeXs (Tuna Tech.) [UK]

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