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Kenskii began to experiment with sound in 1999. He's came about a lot of advances in just four years through his perseverance and love to high-grade music. Kenskii totally consolidated his status after he's performed a dozen open-air parties called "Kenskii All Night Long". "Boongalow" - the brand-new underground private club - becomes the first residence for Kenskii in 2000. The club was renowned among clubbing beau monde for its underground exclusive music and thematic parties. After he decided to reach the higher level of his ambitions, Kenskii leaves "Bongalow" and becomes the resident of the most famous and boosted club of Voronezh called "Flamingo". Kenskii had became acquainted with the world-famous djs and improved his skills while was working in "Flamingo". In 2007 Kenskii signs up a contract with the one of the most powerful pr-groups with Dj Maker at the head - "DRIVING TRACKS". After signing up, Kenskii performs his set in "Kremlin" and begins the residence in this club. During the summer 2008 Kenskii becomes the resident of “Dance World Music” and “Cactus-club” in Yalta (Ukraine). In the time of his career, Kenskii had produced more than one hundred compilations, noticed for their extravagant and elegant selection of tracks. You would like to listen the mixes of Kenskii again and again, because of the carefully sorted tracks and his heartily attitude to modern electronic music. The newest and actual tracks with the time-approved music, cocktail of quantity of the different styles, positive energy and thrill, brightness and professional presentation of music - these are the convertible terms to the alias "Kenskii"!

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