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Lumina Magica by Bernard Reeb Lumina Magica
16 tracks

Running time: 3:37:27
Released: 05/2016

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This album offer more than 3 hours and a half of ambient music. What style? Maybe deep space or atmospheric ambient, so mostly beatless. But you will find from time to time a sequence in the tradition of the Berlin school for a little reminder to the origins. Some of this music had already been published on Musiczeit but most of tracks are new in this country. Sometimes dark and sometimes elegiac, this music is a feast for the senses, be careful to the slightest sound of these bewitching tracks. This release is designed especially for Musiczeit and is available...
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Carnet de voyage by Bernard Reeb Carnet de voyage
15 tracks

Running time: 1:05:46
Released: 01/2016

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This album is a compilation of 15 tracks from various albums they have been produced between 2000 and 2014. For this occasion, in january 2016, the songs were remastered. This album offers an anthology of pieces among the nicest and gentle sounding music, sometimes with beautiful melodies, or finely chiseled sequences, with always rather quiet rhythms. Several instruments were used, acoustic guitars with nylon strings, electric guitars and lots of synthesizers.
Enjoy !
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In late 70's and during the 80's, Bernard Reeb began first experiences with synthesizers, guitars and analog tape recorders.

He has accumulated experience in a wide range of musical fields : he performed Ligeti music as a solo musician in the Opera of Nice (France), published his compositions for classical guitar by french and canadian publishers, winning an award for movie soundtrack and sounddesign, played a few concerts, and released close to 20 albums online.

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