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Mindmusic by Glyn Lloyd-Jones Mindmusic
7 tracks

Running time: 0:42:23
Released: 11/2013

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So here is Mindmusic, the "lost" predecessor to Timelines, from 1984, re-created in 2013 to complete the collection.

The original 1984 recording was made using a Tascam Portastudio (anyone remember those?), a four-track cassette recorder with built-in mixer. Even the most basic of EM requires more than 4 tracks, so bouncing down was required, taking a group of already recorded tracks and mixing them down to a single track to free them up to be recorded over with new material. The stereo master tape was then the result of mixing down to another cassette recorder. The final master was therefore...
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Chaotic Attraction by Glyn Lloyd-Jones Chaotic Attraction
4 tracks

Running time: 0:58:08
Released: 05/2011

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Glyn Lloyd-Jones's albums have always been a regular feature on my playlists. His combination of melodic infection and sequential interplay is "ground zero" in terms of my personal musical tastes. Glyn has an unmistakable palette of sounds, and approach, typified on his magnificent albums 'Ri' and 'Icesteps'. The great news for fans of those albums is that for this latest venture, the bloodline of those wondrous 80's outings is very evident indeed.

'Reflections of Perpetual Abstraction' opens proceedings with absolutely sensational, poignant, sweeping symphonics which had my spine tingling from the first moment I heard it. The way it builds, and...
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From Time to Time by Glyn Lloyd-Jones From Time to Time
4 tracks

Running time: 0:57:13
Released: 10/2008

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The amazing new album, and the 15 year wait has been worth it! A mesmerising collage of compositions and motifs with Glyn's trademark quality and infection evident throughout.
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Ocean of Serenity by Glyn Lloyd-Jones Ocean of Serenity
5 tracks

Running time: 0:55:38
Released: 06/1993

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This album was created 4 years after 'Icesteps' and was rightly hailed by many as his most inspired work to date. Considering the quality of his previous albums, the fact that he seems to "raise the ante" with each release is amazing.

Glyn's previous works displayed his uncanny ability to harmonise sequences with breathtaking melodies. 'Ocean of Serenity' continues this approach and the title track, like so much of Glyn's work, is based around a stunningly beautiful yet simple theme which manifests itself in many guises. The opening refrains build to a climax then relax to a solitude which initially hints...
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Icesteps by Glyn Lloyd-Jones Icesteps
2 tracks

Running time: 0:55:16
Released: 06/1989

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'Icesteps’ was first released on cassette in 1989, a year after Glyn’s fantastic ‘Ri’. Of the two, ‘Icesteps’ suffered most from “cassette syndrome”. Hiss, and a complete lack of dynamic extension particularly at the top end. Fans who have waited nigh on 20 years to hear this album properly can now do so. The sound quality is everything you will have hoped for.

I think I recall reading that part of the origins of ‘Icesteps’ was Glyn’s period in an unheated student flat in Edinburgh, the cold winter temperatures being a perfect setting for the glacial sound palette of ‘Icesteps’. It...
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Ri by Glyn Lloyd-Jones Ri
3 tracks

Running time: 0:51:50
Released: 06/1988

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Well, miracles do happen. Nearly 20 years after its first release on cassette, here is Glyn Lloyd-Jones’s amazing album ‘Ri’ digitally remastered from the original studio tapes. This album, together with ‘Icesteps’, have been somewhat of a personal Holy Grail since I first heard them all those years ago. The music is *so* sensational, so dynamic, so melodic, that the cassette medium simply did it no justice at all. For me these albums remained the most important cassettes which had yet to see the digital light of day. After well over 15 years of hoping, optimism had all but faded....
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Timelines by Glyn Lloyd-Jones Timelines
6 tracks

Running time: 0:40:00
Released: 06/1987

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'Timelines' has taken on an almost mystical air for fans of Glyn Lloyd-Jones over the years. Mesmerised by his 'Ri' and 'Icesteps' albums, there was occasional mention of a precursor. Information was scant, but the mere fact that it existed "somewhere" led many to speculate on what sort of an album could spawn some of the finest melodic EM to come out of the UK in the past 25 years.

Well, the waiting is over. Here you can get your hands on that very album, remastered from Glyn's own master tape.

I almost feel obliged to set expectation. The equipment this was...
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UK synthesist Glyn Lloyd-Jones enthused EM fans in the late 80s with his cassette releases 'Ri' and 'Icesteps'. Rarely have melody and sequence been harmonised in such an infectious brew. Glyn's full catalogue is presented here for the first time, including the incredible 'Ocean of Serenity' and the previously unavailable 'Timelines'. Glyn now lives in Italy and continues to make music, and the fruits of that influence can now be heard on his long anticipated latest album 'From Time to Time'!

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