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First Work by Patchwork First Work
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Running time: 1:14:03
Released: 08/2008

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- originally released in 1998 -

First Work is the re-release of the first Patchwork album, simply called Patchwork back in 1998. During a break from Kubusschnitt but before he became part of Free System Project, Ruud Heij joined up with Rene Jansen. I am sure Rene was equally as responsible in creating this superb album but it seems to me that wherever Ruud turns up the result will be Berlin School inspired brilliance.

They get immediately into their stride with 'Synthetic Nature'. Robust sequencing brings to mind Synco, and the percussive detail nods in the direction of Wavestar. The...
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Patchwork are Dutch musicians Rene Jansen and Ruud Heij.
Rene Jansen started composing in 1985, he listened to music from Jarre and Vangelis which are still his favourite artists. It inspired him to compose electronic and film music. Later he got the opportunity to compose music for television programs and documentaries. His current interest is for music of soundtrack composers, like for instance John Carpenter and Brad Fiedel. Nowadays Rene is collaborating with Anois, a Dutch band, playing a modern version of Celtic music.

Ruud Heij started to create electronic music in 1982, when he bought his first synthesizer. After years of listening to artists like Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream and Michael Hoenig, it is obvious that he is much inspired by aforementioned artists. During the 80’s he collected a considerable amount of, now classic, vintage synthesizers, of which he still owns some. Today, Ruud is also a member of Free System Projekt, and Gert Emmens & Ruud Heij, and was a member of Kubusschnitt, for some years.

In 1994 Rene and Ruud met, and did a session together in Ruud’s studio. This session turned out so well, that they decided to record an complete album together. This resulted in the very successful Patchwork CD-R, now re-released on SynGate Records.

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