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Berlin Sequences by Frank Klare Berlin Sequences
4 tracks

Running time: 1:13:11
Released: 10/2002

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SynGate CD-R FK01

When Synco finished I tried to get into Frank's solo work but it failed to do anything for me. A little while ago however a customer said I should try him again as he had come along way recently. And he was right. This and another of his CDs I purchased were both excellent. The title of the CD says it all really as if you are into the Berlin School you should check it out. We start with the twenty-five minute 'Berlin in the Evening'.
A simple four-note sequence starts proceedings. It comes and goes, each time becoming...
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Frank Klare belongs to the next 'Berlin School' generation like Bernd Kistenmacher and Mario Schönwälder.
Frank Klare became famous as a member of SYNCO, the SYNthesizer COoperation, between 85-93. Back in the mid 80s they bought the used synthesizers and modular sytems directly from Tangerine Dream in Berlin and go on with the Berlin Electronic School.

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