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Fast Tracks by Galactic Anthems Fast Tracks
15 tracks

Running time: 1:19:41
Released: 09/2008

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Fast Tracks is a collection of 15 mid-to-up-tempo tunes spanning almost 20 years of recording. There's something from all of the Galactic Anthems CD's, one track from a pre-Galactic Anthems project called Atlas, and a bonus track from an upcoming release. Here's the track list:

1) Cloud Surfing (from Semper Fidelity)
2) Juggernaut (from Before The Drone)
3) One Last Mission (from Semper Fidelity)
4) Level 3 (from Before The Drone)
5) Far Away Places (from Before The Drone)
6) Confrontation in the Cave (from Semper Fidelity)
7) Orbital Bop (from Galactic Anthems)
8) Transmigration (from Subterranean Transit)
9) Tachyon Emissions (bonus track)
10) Orbital...
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Semper Fidelity by Galactic Anthems Semper Fidelity
9 tracks

Running time: 0:55:26
Released: 04/2007

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When the kidnapping of a child brings a trio of old space war buddies back together to foil the crime, they unearth a greater evil, one that threatens to rock the galaxy! How strong is Semper Fidelity when the stakes involve the corruption of honor?

A unique collaboration between Galactic Anthems' musical maestro Glenn Adams and sci-fi storyteller Matt Howarth. A thrilling graphic story in full color--and 55 minutes of exciting music inspired by the tale. (IMPORTANT: The url for downloading the comic is on the rear CD tray.)

Galactic Anthems has been named "The Unsigned Artist of the Month" in the...
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Subterranean Transit by Galactic Anthems Subterranean Transit
10 tracks

Running time: 1:06:31
Released: 05/2005

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Motion, propulsion, movement, and then peace and resolution

pro*pul*sion n.

1. The process of driving or propelling.

2. A driving or propelling force.

Subterranean Transit starts with the track Transmigration, with its three distinct sections of varying intensities. Streamlined drives forward with hard pounding percussion and elegant synth harmonies. The title track, Subterranean Transit is all about propulsion, with moaning musical shapes floating over a churning electronic percussion track. A visit to The Palace of Canesh transports you to an exotic land of varying ethnic melodies and heart pounding rhythms! Tunnel Vision features floating crescendos of chords over another propulsive percussion track.

e*the*re*al adj.

1. Characterized...
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Abstract Circuitry by Galactic Anthems Abstract Circuitry
10 tracks

Running time: 0:59:30
Released: 06/2004

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Intricate rhythm structures, ethereal harmonies, tribal grooves and deep space drones are just part of Abstract Circuitry, the second release of electronic ambient space music artist Galactic Anthems.Created by composer Glenn Adams, the follow-up disc to the first Galactic Anthems CD continues the eclectic blend of combining unusual sounds, textures and moods into a cohesive listening experience.

Writing for the AmbientVisions website ( Jim Brenholts has this to say about Abstract Circuitry: “Glenn Adams creates wondrous sounds and monumental soundscapes as Galactic Anthems. Abstract Circuitry is his second CD and it is hot! Glenn uses lots of different sounds - all...
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Before The Drone by Galactic Anthems Before The Drone
14 tracks

Running time: 0:48:40
Released: 06/2004

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14 tracks of synth-driven, electronic, instrumental prog-rock with occasional modern classical overtones and even guitar on a couple of tracks

Matt Howarth, writing for the Sonic Curiosity web site, had this to say about Before The Drone: “Galactic Anthems is Glenn Adams, a Colorado based independent composer. This CD from 2005 offers 55 minutes of explosive progrock.The pieces on this release were recorded from 1987 to 1994 and represent the kind of music that infused his compositional capacities with such overwhelming verve. Joining him on two tracks is Dan Ciarfalia on pyrotechnic guitar.Here, Adams exhibits a different side of his creativity...
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Galactic Anthems by Galactic Anthems Galactic Anthems
11 tracks

Running time: 0:47:55
Released: 09/2002

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The first Galactic Anthems CD begins with Spastik Teloasis, which launches you into strange and interesting new sonic territory. Moving through the void, you are transported to a smoky lounge in a distant space station and experience the space-jazz flavored Orbital Bop. Journey reminds you of your insignificance in the cosmos through the use of minimalist waves of sound over a resonant bass. Your passage through the Haunted Desert is filled with shifting soundscapes of the dark desert night.An Uncertain Future awaits you as you continue your interplanetary pilgrimage with elongated chordal streams over a subtle rhythm track. Tortured Souls...
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Galactic Anthems is the creation of composer Glenn Adams. Adams was born in Brooklyn, NY and raised in Pearl River, a suburb of New York City. He started his musical life at age 10, taking trumpet lessons and playing in the school band. By age 15, he was composing big band music for his high school jazz band.

After high school, Adams attended Berklee School of Music in Boston, MA, where he majored in composition. At about this time, the first commercially available synthesizers were hitting the market. “I was hooked. I had to have one. The sonic possibilities seemed endless,” he states. Adams bought an Arp 2600 and began to explore the world of electronic music. He relocated from New York to California, and promptly landed a recording contract with Columbia Records with the progressive rock band Daddy Warbucks. “It was a great experience, recording and performing with Warbucks, and was like an education in the commercial music business.”

After returning to school and getting a B.A. in composition, Adams decided to plunge into the world of electronic music. At first he did all his electronic exploration on tape 2-track, then 4-track and finally 8-track. In 1985 he picked up the second version of the Apple Macintosh, the 512K “Fat Mac.” He also started to use MIDI software, which was in its infancy at that time. With New York pal Jeri Conway, Adams formed the electronic duo Atlas, and released a self-titled album in 1990.

It wasn’t until the late-90’s, when hard disk recording and disc burning became more affordable, did Adams release his own material on CD. The first Galactic Anthems CD is a combination of pieces recorded during the early 90’s and new material recorded from 2000-2002. This CD received critical acclaim from such review sites as,,, and Adams has since released several CD’s including Abstract Circuitry (2004), Before the Drone (2004), Subterranean Transit (2005) and a compilation CD, Lightyears From Home (2006).

The newest release from Galactic Anthems is called Semper Fidelity and was released in 2007. This CD combines a sci-fi comic in PDF form by Matt Howarth and 55 minutes of music inspired by the comic, all on the same disc. Naming Galactic Anthems the “Unsigned Artist of the Month” for August 2007, Keyboard Magazine calls this CD “an engrossing soundscape that’s majestic, fun, intense and campy.”

Galactic Anthems music has been licensed for use by numerous cable TV stations including The Sci-Fi Channel, National Geographic, the History Channel, the Discovery Health Channel, MTV, and many others.

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