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Spheres by Foreign Spaces Spheres
10 tracks

Running time: 0:40:02
Released: 02/2003

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SynGate CD-R FS01

What we have here is a retrospective compilation of tracks recorded between 1984 to 1989, taken from what l would assume to be original multi-track tape recordings, (as with another FS release 'Imagination-Pictures-Music' from roughly the same era). That being the case, the tracks have been cleaned up very well indeed for the CD's production. The collection comprises a number of early versions of tracks which have since appeared on later albums, so this should be somewhat of a curio for some of you synth music fans out there!
Proceedings get under way with 'Spherical Dream 1984' sounding very...
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Imagination Pictures Music by Foreign Spaces Imagination Pictures Music
10 tracks

Running time: 0:44:54
Released: 07/2001

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SynGate FSCD 2001

This is a retrospective covering tracks recorded between 1985 and 1989. For this album only the former of the usual FS duo Georg Reiter and Christian Feher are present, other artist include Stefan Ambs and Marcus Stahuber with others guesting on specific tracks.
The opener 'Birth' features some strong synth sounds with a heart-beat style backdrop. 'Planets I' is another strong piece, again with surging synth lines and unlike other FS pieces the sequences are simplistic and there as background effect rather than a significant feature - for me this is a shame because when FS hit the sequence...
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Phaeton by Foreign Spaces Phaeton
9 tracks

Running time: 1:11:42
Released: 07/2000

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SynGate FSCD 2000

Never a dull moment when a new CD from Foreign Spaces arrives. Characterised by inconsistency, their previous offerings have when it all "came together" presented some of the most sublime and infectious EM to be found anywhere. Witness the incredible closing 5 minutes of 'Dark Star Part 1', a piece I still revisit with anticipation and awe.

So now we have 'Phaeton', and though only 3 letters away from TD's classic album this is nothing like that style, in fact one of the characteristics of FS is that they sound like no other band on the scene today. The...
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Dark Star by Foreign Spaces Dark Star
6 tracks

Running time: 0:38:02
Released: 07/1997

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SynGate FSCD 1997

When a Foreign Spaces album hits the platter the results are never anything less than interesting. On their previous two releases the main characterisic has been variety their ability to create quality EM in John Dyson mode on one track, then switch to Tangerine Dream on the next track with equal success. When they hit top form the results can be breathtaking, and the track 'Nebula' from 'Being Creature' has become one of my favourte "now just listen to this..." pieces. Inevitably it doesn't all work, but the highs definitely compensate for the lows. I approached 'Dark Star'...
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Being Creature by Foreign Spaces Being Creature
8 tracks

Running time: 0:54:29
Released: 07/1996

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SynGate FSCD 1996

I enthused over Foreign Spaces' 'Ufo Breakfast' saying how much British EM fans should like it, especially noting the similarity at times to John Dyson. Well, with this album Foreign Spaces will have more than just John Dyson fans enthusing. The music covers so many styles, and does them so well, that it's incredible to think it's just two artists producing all the tracks. 'Wormhole' is a robust opener with syncopating sequences jostling with some choice lead lines. 'Garden of Lore' changes style completely with bright flutey synth motifs and birdsong in the mould of Richard Burmer. Complete...
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Ufo Breakfast by Foreign Spaces Ufo Breakfast
9 tracks

Running time: 0:41:59
Released: 07/1995

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SynGate FSCD 1995

The 1995 debut from the band, consisting of just Georg Reiter and Christian Feher at the time, sports a more structured approach to music making, lacking any of the long tracks that graced the band's later offerings.
What is consistent with later releases is the space concept and UFO references in many of the titles, starting with the opening title track which boasts a strong sequential presence working with varied harmonic and melodic motifs which gets the album off to a good start.
After the similar 'Star Rise' and it's uplifting chorus, 'Easy Flver' is a short, laid-back piece that...
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