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Space Jungle Slums by Objekt4 Space Jungle Slums
12 tracks

Running time: 0:53:27
Released: 06/2008

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Much of Objekt4's (real name Anders Peterson) Space Jungle Slums is strikingly odd, and not just its title. The recording's split into two four-song suites—Nexus Sector A/D and Jungle Vibes—and the music itself locates itself within a midway zone betwixt ambient and industrial, a zone that's neither overly becalmed or excessively disturbed. The album's ghostly ambient sections unfurl in a hazy orchestral style that calls to mind Tangerine Dream circa Phaedra while the industrial sections emphasize tribal percussive patterns and textures.
Nexus Sector A/D's “Introsectory” and “Time to die” both feature passages of sweeping ambient haze interspersed with softly clanking industrial...
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The timeline of Objekt4 started in the begining of 2003.
This one-man project ecxplores the fields of ambient music,
working with material ranging from minimal sinewave based structures,
to experimental orchestral arangements,
to dark moody jazzy downbeat trips, to
psychedelic experimental beats and rhytmic patterens.
Hovering around the fine line between music and ambience,
the fine line betwen reality and fiction, with the aim of
taking ambient music to another level.

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