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fantastic music by Terje Winther fantastic music
3 tracks

Running time: 0:52:44
Released: 12/2010

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Terje Winther played a solo gig at the "Fantasy Festival" in the prehistoric city of Landa (in Forsand near Stavanger) on the west-coast of Norway on Saturday, July 14th, 2007. He performed a solo set in the Bronze age house. "Fantastic music - live at the fantasy festival" is a release of this live concert.

The "Fantasy Festival" is a culture festival during daytime and a music festival in the evening. All the concerts take place inside reconstructed buildings from about 1000 B.C. (Bronze age house) or 800 A.D. (Viking Guild Hall). The festival venue in itself is one of...
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awaken in england by Terje Winther awaken in england
4 tracks

Running time: 1:04:38
Released: 03/2010

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Terje Winther played a solo gig at Awakenings in England on September 26th 2009, and repeated the concert in Norway a month later. "Awaken in England - live at awakenings 2009" is a release of the live concert from England, with the first encore from Norway as a bonus track.

all music composed, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed and produced by terje winther
mastered by tom kvålsvoll at Strype Audio.

Note that the cover is designed to be in a plastic envelope, so after printing fold at the bottom.
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electronic regions by Terje Winther electronic regions
4 tracks

Running time: 2:21:51
Released: 11/2009

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"More than 100 minutes of Berlin School music, flavored by several worldwide essences which strikes, collides and stripes the paint out of your walls." - Sylvain Lupari

"Winther’s music has a certain barely-controlled quality about it giving it more sense of adventure than some of his contemporaries, sometimes over-the-top but at other times finding that the risks pay off." - Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

Electronic Regions is a solo record from Terje Winther, a highly respected synthesizer musician from Norway. The music is an auditorial walk through electronic forests of strange, exploring forgotten paths, otherwordly thoughts, nature and bricks of concrete.

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trespasser by Terje Winther trespasser
6 tracks

Running time: 1:19:45
Released: 04/2004

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Berlin School-influenced artist from Norway. Trespasser features six improvised tracks, done predominantly on analog synthesizers. Subsequently, the sound is very rich and warm.

"The City of Cruithne" starts with an abstract intro with various noises and hums. This long track then settles into a sequencer-based groove - very exciting. Got my head nodding to this one. It's a bit Tangerine Dream-y, but only slightly so. Some melodic motifs in the second part also reminded me on Jean Michel Jarre. The solos are top-notch throughout.
"Wishful Drone Around Midnight" is very dramatic and strong. Totally atmospheric and the way Terje uses pitch bend...
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Terje Winther from Norway use old and new analog synthesizers to create his music. The music is improvised, sequencer-based and with a clear influence from Jean-Michel Jarre and the Berlin school of electronic music with names like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Ash Ra Temple. The use of analog modular synthesizers in his music demands that is it only by combining musical and electronical improvisation that the music is realised.
Terje Winther has performed at several festivals and at art exhibitions and vernissages, and he has contributed music on many CDs and compilations. He is also a part of the WintherStormer band.

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