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Soundtracks by Jeff Greinke Soundtracks
6 tracks

Running time: 1:06:52
Released: 09/2004

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"Soundtracks, which incorporates pieces for film, performance and dance, is comprised of extremely refined and carefully considered music that creates some profoundly interesting states and is much more developed and interesting than the typical soundtrack...Greinke's efforts range from tranquil to unsettled, from some truly beautifully written passages realized with cello and piano, to intricate, heavily treated and nearly atonal soundscapes that remain very musical, refusing to degenerate into sound." K. Leimer e/i magazine
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Wide View by Jeff Greinke Wide View
9 tracks

Running time: 0:48:23
Released: 06/2003

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"Exquisite, subtle, timeless, intimate, organic, and melancholic. The way he incorporates synth pads, resonant strings, chimes, and piano into such finely honed compositions is truly a marvel to hear." OUTBURN
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Weather From Another Planet by Jeff Greinke Weather From Another Planet
10 tracks

Running time: 0:56:25
Released: 05/2003

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"Heading in the (more or less) opposite direction from his previous recording, Wide View (a masterpiece of starkly beautiful melancholic ambient soundscapes), Jeff Greinke has infused his latest album with kinetic rhythms that combine electronica, glitch, and even world fusion beats alongside accessible, but still ambient, melodies. The music is sometimes quirkily playful, sometimes eerily pretty, and other times dark and sinister. The result is one of the most delightfully idiosyncratic releases of 2003." Bill Binkelman
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Vistor   Play song

Cities In Fog 1 and 2 by Jeff Greinke Cities In Fog 1 and 2
19 tracks

Running time: 1:51:14
Released: 06/1997

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"Back in 1985, Jeff Greinke released an LP of ambient industrial music titled "Cities In Fog". The sound of industry and contemporary cityscapes - grinding metal, pounding machinery - were tempered and processed in the studio, producing a removed impressionist haze. Though the imagery was disturbing, even nightmarish, it was equally compelling, seductive, and undeniably beautiful. This little-known gem was the starting point of a fascinating musical trek for Greinke. His vision has expanded, and his recent work is exotic and atmospheric.
Greinke rediscovered ambient industrial while contributing to an anthology (Sombient's "Throne of Drones"). This unorthodox "Cities In Fog" reissue...
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Harbor Island   Play song

In Another Place by Jeff Greinke In Another Place
13 tracks

Running time: 0:54:53
Released: 05/1993

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"Jeff Greinke's environmental soundscapes are impressions of an inner space wholly different from that of any other electronic composer I can think of." OPTION

"Austere and a little forbidding.... Vaporous tonal chords drift apart to form denser, less penetrable shapes."

"Greinke's timbres... have that Eno lushness and diffuseness... it's a distancing, a patina of time and detachment. There's an air of desolation that blows through this." BOSTON ROCK
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Lost Terrain by Jeff Greinke Lost Terrain
9 tracks

Running time: 0:51:58
Released: 09/1992

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" aural sculptor of the highest order, melting keyboard passages into haunting themes." New Review of Records

"...You don't hear this music as much as absorb it through your skin.... There's poignancy to this swirl of sound that lends it a substance such ethereal music rarely manages." Seattle Weekly

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Terrain of Memory   Play song

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Jeff Greinke is a musician, composer, performer, sound sculptor, and visual artist who is known worldwide for his unique sound. Through a highly developed process of layering, Jeff composes and performs music rich in texture, depth, mood, and subtle detail. Using various acoustic and electronic instruments, found sounds, and extended studio techniques, Jeff sculpts sound worlds that conjure a strong sense of place, hovering somewhere between the exotic and the familiar.

Jeff Greinke began composing and performing music in 1980 while studying meteorology at Pennsylvania State University. After moving to Seattle in 1982, Jeff formed the production company and recording label, INTREPID, through which he produced his first LP, Cities in Fog. He has since released over twenty other recordings on various U.S. and European labels. His most recent work is entitled Winter Light, released in April 2007 on Lotuspike. Jeff's music can also be heard on numerous compilation recordings. He has composed music for film, video, dance, theatre, radio, and art installations. Jeff has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe and has performed in China, Canada, and Mexico. He has also been a member of numerous ensembles and is founder of the group LAND, featuring Lesli Dalaba (trumpet), Dennis Rea (guitar), Bill Rieflin (drums), and Fred Chalenor (bass). They have released three albums. Jeff also has recorded two CDs with Sky Cries Mary vocalist Anisa Romero as Hana. Jeff currently resides in Tucson Arizona with his wife Isabel Amorous.

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