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Electric Fairytales by WintherStormer Electric Fairytales
4 tracks

Running time: 1:17:18
Released: 04/2008

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WintherStormer is an electronic band who improvise vast electronic sound-spaces with old analog synthesizers, electronic guitar, percussion and various self-build electronics. Electric Fairytales is the the third release from WintherStormer, and the second «live-in-studio» album from the band. The music was recorded with an audience present during the recording. On this album the band has broaden and developed their sonic output and creative skills, blending musical craft and spaced-out themes.
WintherStormer released their second «live-in-studio» electronic album called Electric Fairytales on April 26th 2008. WintherStormer is an unique take on the modern (retro) berlin sound, says positive critiques.
What the fans and...
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Live 2007 by WintherStormer Live 2007
3 tracks

Running time: 1:19:31
Released: 07/2007

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Live 2007 is a live recording of the WintherStormer performance at the "e-live" festival in Holland on October 14th 2006.
WintherStormer performed 3 sets at the «E-live» festival in Holland on 14th October 2006.

After a long travel through Norway, Denmark and Germany by van, the band arrived in Eindhoven with a lot of gear, were they played in the «Glass hall» of the Technical University, Eindhoven. This was the first major gig for the band with all 4 members of WintherStormer involved.

The band got a lot of positive reactions, and wishes to thank everyone who attended.

The performance was released as...
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Woodwork by WintherStormer Woodwork
4 tracks

Running time: 1:16:15
Released: 06/2007

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WintherStormer went into studio in January 2007 to record their first CD after many festival appearances, including the Oslo Synth festival and the Oslo Prog festival, as well as the major synth festival «E-live» in Holland October 2006. Positive reviews from press in Norway, Holland, Spain, England and America as well as a solid request from the fans contributed to the band´s desire to release a studio CD.
The music is totally improvised, both musically and electronically. Everything is laid open, with no pre-programmed sounds (no MIDI involved) or pre-arranged musical structures. The music is in all senses of the word...
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WintherStormer is an electronic band from Norway who has been around since 2001. Improvised Berlin school music with a twist is their thing. The musicians performs music with analog equipment. They actually perform music directly, manually, live and without preprogrammed aid.
Band members: Terje Winther: analog synthesizers, sequencers, keyboards / Erik Stormer: analog modular synthesizers, sequencers / Atle Pakusch Gundersen: guitar, electronics, vocoder, theremin / Geir Marthin Helland: drums, percussion.

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