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The Lost Years by ken martin The Lost Years
3 tracks

Running time: 0:37:02
Released: 05/1997

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The Lost Years indeed - this is a MusicZeit exclusive of some of Ken's early work from way back in 1977. Recorded live at the Albermarle Club in Essex it already shows Ken crafting his distinctive sound.
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Terrestrial Nightmares by ken martin Terrestrial Nightmares
3 tracks

Running time: 0:46:21
Released: 03/1979

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This Musiczeit exclusive from Ken was recorded in 1979 and remastered in 1999. It's a rare treat for anyone who loves Klaus Schulze from his early recordings such as Totem off Picture Music.
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Solar Magnetude by ken martin Solar Magnetude
5 tracks

Running time: 0:47:48
Released: 07/1976

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Another MusicZeit exclusive from Ken's early days. Recorded way back in 1975 - 76 this shows Ken developing an early style of glorious drifting space music.
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Ken Martin has been composing & playing electronic music for 46 years. He's developed his own unique blend of Berlin school & space music that hearkens back to the golden age of instrumental synth music. I like to emulate the Berlin sound by using my own ideas as well as still keeping some of the traditional flavour of the masters.
Good listening.
It has been some time now since I was on the music scene due to work commitments.
I get many people asking me when will we get some more music from you, my answer is very soon.
I plan to upload some more archive material from the seventies which has been cleaned and remastered, some were too bad to salvage from tapes which is a shame.
I also will be releasing new music on CD if I can find a Label that would do this for my music old and new.
The CD's which were distributed by SFM are the only one's which are available other than websites which are illegally copying and selling as originals.

Ken Martin 2017

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