Enchanted Journey by Wim Enchanted Journey
10 tracks

Running time: 0:53:05
Released: 10/2015

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Wim is the brainchild of Ketil Lien, one of a trio of very different sounding Norwegian artists who release through AD Music.
His latest offering is ‘Enchanted Journey’, a hugely creative journey through sound and motion. The music is often dense and yet it has amazing depth and clarity. When rhythms come into play they are both clever and unfussy – yet pleasing, doing what the music requires and never detracting from the melodic substance. The music also has a dark edge to it, and while never threatening, it is captivating!
The 10 tracks flirt between the melodically thematic, with passing...
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Dreamscape by Wim Dreamscape
10 tracks

Running time: 1:02:54
Released: 06/2010

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“Dreamscape” is an impressive album from Norwegian composer Wim, offering up a powerful and moody excursion into the filmic, atmospheric and slow building side of his style that was so successful on the excellent 2008 release, “The White Peak”. Indeed, as good as that debut album was, “Dreamscape” is a far more focussed and self assured work, presenting an original and evocative 60 minutes of melodic layered synths and vocal textures. There are some effective rhythm and sequence sections throughout and these are used both sparingly and to great effect as the interesting musical ideas, great themes and clever changes...
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The White Peak by Wim The White Peak
12 tracks

Running time: 1:02:31
Released: 06/2008

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Wim's digital debut album for AD Music is "The White Peak", containing a superb blend of melody, atmosphere and sequencing that recalls elements of Vangelis, Robert Fox, Tangerine Dream, David Wright and Code Indigo and yet remains totally unique. The music contains music with a variety of tempos and styles yet remains a totally cohesive and satisfying album experience with a warmth and emotion that draws the listener in. Another high quality offering from AD Music.
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Ketil Lien, aka Wim, was born in the ancient Viking City of Trondheim, Norway in 1972. He started listening to the electronic music of Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream in the 80's and they quickly became his biggest early influences. He also has a great liking for Kitaro, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield and the warmth and depth of their music is clearly evident in Wim's emotive style.

Wim focused his efforts in the 1990''s on compositional skills, learning to compose in the manner required to create his own unique style of structured melodic instrumental music with warmth and emotion. The advent of virtual synths and more powerful computers in the new millennium meant he was at last able to create the musical visions he wanted.

Wim looks upon his music as paintings where the instruments are substitutes for the colour palette. He says "I treat each song as a different landscape of sound and try to paint an expressive, emotional soundscape using warm, enveloping sounds that capture the listeners imagination.

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