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Soundtrack for City Living by Geigertek Soundtrack for City Living
8 tracks

Running time: 1:05:46
Released: 10/2011

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Geigertek continues his musical evolution with this fine offering of stylized electronic music that perfectly captures the feeling and mood of a modern cityscape at night. The music is a quantum leap forward from his previous releases with the rhythmic, and at times almost sensual, approach to the esoteric soundscapes guiding the listener through the vibrant nightlife of an imaginary city on a variety of emotions. The album retains Geigertek's melodic, classical approach but the music is now infused with a more mature and at times darker, moodier edge. A varied and hugely interesting album that includes a stunning version...
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Endless Night by Geigertek Endless Night
6 tracks

Running time: 0:29:42
Released: 09/2010

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'Endless Night' is a 6 track 'EP' of original studio material with vocals, recorded for Geigertek's 2010 UK "Artificial 01" electronica concert performance. For reference, the music is in the Geigertek style of instrumental music, albeit darker and with more confident and mature arrangements plus the addition of Neil's vocals, heavily influenced by John Foxx, Kraftwerk and The Human League. The music went down a storm in concert, proving that traditional sequenced electronic music and the more contemporary vocal electronica can easily co-exist. From the opening , foot tapping and moody "The Visitors" and the equally atmospheric "This Man", with...
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The Timeless Mind by Geigertek The Timeless Mind
9 tracks

Running time: 1:02:13
Released: 05/2010

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The Timeless Mind is a compelling new work that may leave you just a little surprised at how far removed it is from the 2008 debut "The Garden". Putting aside the fact that "The Timeless Mind" sounds really great courtesy of the added mix and mastering input of Callisto (Dave Massey & David Wright), musically the album has progressed some distance from the new age leanings of the debut outing to a more sophisticated and evolving electronic music style, while still retaining the classical and melodic, emotive musical canvas that is so indicative of Geigertek. Tracks like "What Dreams May...
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The Garden by Geigertek The Garden
10 tracks

Running time: 0:48:19
Released: 07/2008

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Another new artist to AD Music, Geigertek, is based in Norwich and his debut album "The Garden" is a superb creation released digitally in July 2008 and now available as a CDr release with AD Music's usual high quality artwork and on body print. "The Garden" is an exciting mixture of electronic music sounds and styles that has its roots firmly in the "melodic new age" style of instrumental music, with strong hints of romanticism and no shortage of great tunes. However, where Geigertek really succeeds is in creating his own unique style and sound based on solid musical arrangements...
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Neil Fellowes is a trained keyboard player and electronic music composer, based in Norwich in the United Kingdom, and co-founder of studio-based electronic music project, Geigertek. His music creates moods through the use of emotive melody, ambient atmospheres, sequences and electronic soundscapes.

Despite classical training as a child and flirtations with various bands in the 1980's, by his own admission, Neil is at the beginning of his musical journey and is developing his own style whilst establishing a positive reputation.

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