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Images from a Parallel World by Richard Bone Images from a Parallel World
12 tracks

Running time: 1:07:34
Released: 04/2013

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Richard Bone is an enigmatic composer whose inventive musical style has gained many plaudits over the years and this superb album finds the artist in top form. 'Images from a Parallel World' contains creative instrumental music of the highest quality, music without boundaries that shifts with consummate ease from the eclectic and uniquely "Richard Bone' rhythmic styled musical soundscapes to the ethereal, ambient and electronic for which he is so well known. The 12 tracks cover vastly different moods yet remain cohesive as a 'whole' as he takes the listener on a hugely entertaining voyage through uniquely varied musical worlds....
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Anthology by Richard Bone Anthology
20 tracks

Running time: 1:45:31
Released: 04/2013

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Anthology' features the very best of American instrumental music composer Richard Bone and celebrates his unique ambient electronic style. Some tracks are propelled by inventive rhythms that capture the essence of many contemporary music styles while others are beautiful, drifting space music style gems. What links them all is Richard's trademark ambient style atmospherics and the artists infectious melodies.

Richard has been on the scene since the early 1990's and his music has won him many plaudits from fans and media alike for its diversity and originality.

'Anthology' features 18 carefully selected tracks from his 'Quirkworks' label discography and adds 2 previously...
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Serene Life of Microbes by Richard Bone Serene Life of Microbes
9 tracks

Running time: 0:56:50
Released: 02/2005

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This is superb analogue, ambient electronic music that cleverly manages to be both gentle and dark, beautiful and strange. It stirs up deep echoes of atmospheric space music from a bygone age.

And yet, 'Serene Life' also manages to convey a strong contemporary mood which drifts in and out of a sublime beauty that is never less than utterly compelling.

There's no doubt that Richard Bone has got the ambient thing just right as, not only are the atmospheres he constructs so effective and accessible but, more importantly, each track has something unique to offer and it's this combination that makes...
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The Seduction Of Dr Pasteur   Play song

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Richard has been making EM for many years and has produced a wonderful and diverse collection of albums. We’re very impressed with his latest offering and are pleased to have it as part of our catalogue. "Serene Life" is a gentle analogue, ambient electronic music excursion that will appeal to those who like drifting space music.

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