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Solar Promenades by Enterphase Solar Promenades
11 tracks

Running time: 1:05:48
Released: 11/2008

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A celestial excursion extraordinaire! Enterphase's third album uses sequences, melodies and floating textures to carry your mind away as the music flows incredibly from one theme to the next. Space music at its very best and easily the best Enterphase album too date. Highly recommended!

Features David Wright, John Dumitru and Dean de Benedictis.

"Teutonic styled ambient synth music in the relaxed vein of Tangerine Dream, circa Canyon Dreams and Underwater Sunlight. Both involving and ideal as background music".
Alan Freeman - Audion Spring 2005

"All in all, the CD is a delight and, in my opinion, an essential album to own...
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Phase Two by Enterphase Phase Two
9 tracks

Running time: 1:04:20
Released: 10/1998

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The definite "Must Have" for fans of the more improvised, German influenced traditional Electronic Music. Similar in style to Phase One, but more variation.

"The band is reaching the height of his musical virtuosity. Phase 2 could become a production to be remembered for a long time." - www.Amazings.com
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Phase One by Enterphase Phase One
5 tracks

Running time: 1:04:08
Released: 11/1994

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A celestial excursion extraordinaire! Sequences, melodies and floating textures to carry your mind away. Space music at its very best.
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For fans of the more traditional European pioneers of the 1970's, Enterphase are USA duo Fred Becker and Jeff Filbert, who produce instrumental Berlin style, improvised sequencer electronic music in Tangerine Dream & Kraftwerk style.

Phase One and Phase Two are both considered EM classics, while Solar Promenades includes notable guest appearances from David Wright, Dean de Benedictis and John Dumitru to expand the Enterphase repertoire to include more ambient and spacey textures. No self respecting EM collection should be without Enterphase!

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