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First Breath by Catalin Marin First Breath
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Running time: 0:44:40
Released: 03/2009

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"First Breath" is an amazing collection of thematic melodies combining soundtrack orchestration, choirs, subtle ethnic touches and great rhythms. His original style has prompted rave reviews worldwide and he has been described as the "New Vangelis".

So if Vangelis is an artist you enjoy - you're gonna love this!!

"Catalin's music has considerable cross-over potential and will be embraced by discerning listeners who appreciate carefully crafted music and inspiring melodies."
Steve Roberts, SMD.

"The album oozes quality and is, quite simply, magical!"
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Catalin began classical piano lessons with a private teacher at the age of 6, although it was six years later when he purchased his first Yamaha synthesiser that he began composing electronic instrumental music.

In 1987 he won first prize for "Composition & Musical Creation" in a National Music Competition. This encouraged Catalin's belief that his quest for perfection in electronic music could only be achieved by the symbiosis of musical talent and the knowledge and skills of computer programming and electronic equipment. Therefore, he has continued his musical qualifications by studying composition, harmony and interpretation techniques at a private school and attending the University of Craiova, from where he graduated in 1994 with a B.S.C. Engineering degree in Computers & Automatics, gaining maximum marks for his studies. In 1995 he graduated as a Master of Science in Computer Studies at the Middlesex University in London, continuing his studies as a PhD student since 1997.
During this time, Catalin has remained devoted to his music. He began developing his own studio in 1991 and his first album of electronic music 'Pray for Time' was completed in 1995 and subsequently released by VIVO. Despite only being released in Romania, where this musical style is perhaps not as popular as in other western countries, the album was a surprise hit. During the last two years, while continuing to develop his studio, Catalin has worked with conductors from the local Philharmonic Orchestra composing and arranging music for theatre soundtracks.

He has also recorded and re-mastered a CD for the American opera soprano, Patricia Brady-Danzig. As the Production Director for the most popular Radio station in the south of Romania, 'Radio SUD', Catalin creates commercials and jingles for radio, and generics for TV. He is also in demand to provide instrumental arrangements for singers- some of them musical award winners at Festivals such as the 'Golden Stag', Brasov.Of course, Catalin's greatest pleasure is composing, creating, programming and recording his own music for albums. His debut album for AD Music, "First Breath" was released in June 1999. He is currently working on his next album.

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