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My Little Garden of Sounds by Spyra My Little Garden of Sounds
6 tracks

Running time: 1:13:41
Released: 05/1997

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'Future of the Past' is still a regular in my CD player, so imagine my enthusiasm when two more Spyra releases dropped onto the door mat. "Der Spyra" as he is credited on the sleevenotes is again pictured amongst an impressive combination of old and new technology, and the sound he produces is very much in that league. By the looks of it the music was composed for a 100 days exhibition in Germany featuring "serious listening & sound sculptures". The 6 pieces are split into 'Zone A' and 'Zone B', with the 12 minute 'Seeds' getting the album off...
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Spyra (aka Wolfram der Spyra) is a musician and sound artist from Kassel in Germany. He makes music that spans the boundaries between contemporary electronic music and modern rave culture. Compositions are derived from classic cosmic music structure yet influenced by 21st century sensibilities.

Spyra began his career in the early 1990's constructing soundscape installations at various locations in Germany. He has collaborated with a wide range of visual artists, musicians, producers and DJs and has released over 14 albums - beginning in 1995 with Home Listening is Killing Clubs.

The ascent to Electronic Music fame began when Spyra first came in contact with Pete Namlook, who, in the 1990's, produced many young talented artists for his newly formed FAX label. Through Namlook, Spyra started releasing a series of CD's dedicated to various forms of electromagnetic waves, of which Sferics was the first. These early releases showed Spyra developing a fresh approach to Electronic Music that combined classic influences with contemporary and modern elements. More albums on FAX (including the Virtual Vices series in collaboration Pete Namlook), as well as CDs for the Manikin and Ricochet Dream labels followed. Presently, after years of creative endeavor, Spyra finds himself at the forefront of the current EM scene.

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