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Synthesis of Reality by Capsula Synthesis of Reality
11 tracks

Running time: 1:18:01
Released: 11/2005

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Psychedelic downtempo trance. The album opens with a female voice bemoaning "I don't know who I am," quickly progressing into a frenetic collage of synthetic ephemera in all manner of sonic shapes and sizes. Sequenced phrases, voice samples, squirting-echoing effects and strong rhythms are propelled by bright basses and busy percussion patterns - all stirred into a heady electronic brew. Capsula is not really into melodies you can hum - his creations are more of a dizzying auditory experience. There are a lot of staccato sounds on the top level - gated, generated rapid-fire, repeated, delayed - all adding to...
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Capsula is Yosi Shamay , born in 1978 and living in Kfar Saba, Israel.

Yosi began his music production with the age of 16 (1995) using Scream Tracker 3 followed by Impulse Tracker . Back than he produced mainly goa-trance, influenced by the Goa-Vibes series (Trust In Trance). After upgrading his software and equipment he played around with different styles like breakbeat, drum & bass,house and more. (He never released anything from it ... although he made a lot of tracks).

After a lot of mind opening travels in the world and the trance culture (for about a year and a half: Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, India, most of Europe…) he decided to do a degree in chemistry .

He studied Chemistry (B.A) and Biophysics in BGU University between 2002-2005 and in that time he started producing psychedelic chill out. His main influence come from gurus like : Terence & Dennis McKenna, Alan Watts, Carlos Castaneda, Jonathan Ott and Favid Icke. Yosi samples lots of their inspiring speeches in his music.

His main interest is creating music which induces the exploration of the inner dimensions and their dreamy landscapes. Capsula is the gateway to that path.

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