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EXP by Singh Boncard EXP
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Running time: 0:54:50
Released: 04/2005

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SynGate SBCD 2005

EXP - music for syntronic instruments has been realized without any exception with virtual instruments. Not only the compositions, but also the sounds had been calculated in real-time and combined together. The mostly strictly rhythmical pieces shall underline the machine-like nature of this music, hence there are no melodies, but long, rhythmic passages with nearly hynotical effect. Exceptions from this concept are the titles 'Synrise' and 'Titan'. While 'Synrise' has a completely lively, nearly chaotic structure, 'Titan' works very calm due to its long lasting sounds.

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Singh Boncard - Music From The 3rd Millennium produces electronic music. The style is leaned on the so-called Berlin School, which was originated mainly in the seventies of the 20th century. Also, he uses ambient sounds. By the way Singh Boncard is the name of a musician mentioned in the science fiction series 'Perry Rhodan'.

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