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Exit to Nowhere by Transceive Exit to Nowhere
7 tracks

Running time: 1:03:47
Released: 04/2016

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New Transceive allbum -
Energetic, melodic/sequencer-driven and vast sounding electronic music.

7 new tracks of powerful atmospheric synth-rock for fans of Mark Shreeve and early 80's Tangerine Dream.

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Intrigue (Widescreen Edition) by Transceive Intrigue (Widescreen Edition)
11 tracks

Running time: 1:19:54
Released: 01/2010

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1st released on CD in 2002 this reissue has been specially re-mastered for download release. In addition there are 2 remixes and 2 bonus tracks, one being a new recording & new artwork too.
Originally released on the Champagne Lake label this album won many favourable reviews at the time, often described as a mixture of Mark Shreeve & Early 80’s Tangerine Dream.

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Transformation 88:98 by Transceive Transformation 88:98
11 tracks

Running time: 1:11:25
Released: 09/2006

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recorded in various studios on high end equipment with one new recording.
It's quite a varied collection of styles from bombastic in your face EM to dark ambient moments. To summarise here is a section from one of the reviews when 1st released:
"Overall, this is one of the most powerful electronic music albums around just now - It has absolutely nothing to do with "Berlin School" - and, for that reason alone, stands head and shoulders over most other synth albums around right now. Shreeve, Jarre and Pickford fans should love it, as will those of you into the more...
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