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Take the Money and Run by Code Indigo Take the Money and Run
11 tracks

Running time: 1:18:55
Released: 03/2014

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Code Indigo is regarded as one of Europe’s premiere electronic rock music bands with a string of critically acclaimed and award winning CDs. ‘Take the Money and Run’ is the band’s farewell album, with co-founders David Wright and Robert Fox reunited for the
project. The album reflects the history of this enigmatic band with a clever choice of songs,
old and new, that also feature many of the band’s recent musicians presented with a 16
page booklet containing various line-up pics and notes on the project by David Wright.

The CD contains two expertly crafted remixes from ‘TimeCode’: the pulsating ‘Eden to Corruption’ and...
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MELTdown by Code Indigo MELTdown
16 tracks

Running time: 1:16:05
Released: 04/2013

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Code Indigo is regarded as one of Europe’s premiere electronic music bands and with MELTdown, they've delivered an aptly named follow up to the 2007 release 'Chill' and it has already been described as “A majestic tour de force”.

Helmed by veteran UK synth maestro David Wright, co founder and sole survivor from the original 1994 line-up, and producer Dave Massey, the new look Code Indigo continues its own tradition of producing imaginative and thematic keyboard/guitar based chill-out music.

While comparisons have been made with instrumental ‘Pink Floyd’ and ‘Art of Noise’, the Code Indigo sound and style remains totally original, unique...
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In Concert by Code Indigo In Concert
18 tracks

Running time: 2:31:51
Released: 03/2009

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This stunning double album is already being hailed as the best Code Indigo work too date. Compiled from the groups live appearances in the UK and Europe between 2004 and 2006, culminating in the e-live festival in Holland and the UK Fisher Theatre appearance, "In Concert" is the definitive record of a band in perfect harmony, performing at the peak of their combined creative and musical talents.

"In Concert" has been lovingly compiled from digital 24 track recordings of each event and features reworked classics from the best selling album "For Whom the Bell", plus exquisite live versions of music from...
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For Whom The Bell by Code Indigo For Whom The Bell
18 tracks

Running time: 1:12:23
Released: 03/2009

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The highly acclaimed first album from the band 'Code Indigo' founded by David Wright and Robert Fox, considered a classic by music critics worldwide. The original Code Indigo album. Released in 1996
"For whom the Bell... definitely a must have for any electronic and ambient music lover". David G. Barnett - Implosion magazine, USA.

"I'd need 4 pages to do this album full justice. So, go ahead, trust me and buy it. See if I'm not right when I say that 'This is a wonderful album!'"Andy G. Compact Disc Services
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Uforia by Code Indigo Uforia
6 tracks

Running time: 0:59:10
Released: 03/2009

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The 2nd Code Indigo studio album. Classic ambient rock with a more rhythmic edge, and much more guitar!

Full of wonderful melodic textures, this will appeal to Electronic music, Ambient and rock fans alike.
"Uforia... A class album from one of the classiest instrumental rock bands on the Planet"
Ashley Franklin - BBC Derby, UK.
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Chill by Code Indigo Chill
15 tracks

Running time: 1:15:56
Released: 03/2006

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The 4th studio album is a topical musical statement of immense creativity, power and beauty that cleverly merges electronic, ambient and classic rock music like only Code Indigo can.

With no vocals this time out, Andy Lobbans superb guitar takes centre stage and the album has a definite FWTB 'concept' feel to it, mixing samples, dark atmospherics plenty of light and shade and more than a few creative surprises. Dave Massey adds majestic rhythms while Wright & Fox's musical input has never been more striking.

A truly sensational release!
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TimeCode by Code Indigo TimeCode
10 tracks

Running time: 1:15:18
Released: 03/2003

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A beautifully subtle and wonderfully crafted album of inspiring and uplifting instrumental elecronic classic rock music.

"Timecode" was voted 'Best album of 2004' at the German Schwingungen Radio awards.

One of the top 25 essential CD's - Echoes Radio.

"With TimeCode, Code Indigo delivers an outstanding album that combines elements of orchestral electronica, new age and chill out music." Synthtopia.

"Code Indigo's debut "For whom the Bell" remains one of my all time English synth albums. I think "Timecode" is destined to become another. Definitely recommended!" Review by D.Griffiths - Audion Mag
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Live at Derby Cathedral (Blue CD4) by Code Indigo Live at Derby Cathedral (Blue CD4)
8 tracks

Running time: 1:05:38
Released: 10/2000

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Sensational Code Indigo performance from the 1998 Derby Cathedral concert, showcasing a band on the very top of their form. Great interplay between synths and guitar, oodles of atmosphere and feeling, this really is a classic! Includes reworking of classic tracks plus materiel unavailable anywhere else.

Limited edition 4 CD box set featuring: -
CD 1 - David Wright's - Hypnosis
CD 2 - Robert Fox's - Stuff of Dreams
CD 3 - Wright & Fox - Blue
CD 4 - Code Indigo - Live in Derby concert

I just finished listening to "Blue" (I have copy number 600!). Over 4 hours of achingly beautiful music....
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Live In Duisburg by Code Indigo Live In Duisburg
11 tracks

Running time: 1:01:17
Released: 11/1997

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Triumphant 1997 Code Indigo "For whom the Bell" concert in Germany.
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UK instrumental rock band Code Indigo remain one of AD Music's most prominent acts. Early output drew comparisons to The Orb, Enigma, and instrumental Pink Floyd while retaining an originality that found favour in rock, down tempo chill-out and electronic music circles.

With a strong worldwide following, their albums continue to explore uncharted music territory and remain perennial favourites. 'For whom the Bell' remains a popular classic, while "Timecode" is one of the top 25 essential CD's on Echoes U.S. syndicated radio, and the latest CD "Chill" has already been heralded as "their best yet".

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