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Stephen Parsick, born in Moers/Germany in 1972, got in touch with electronic music when he was still in his toddler days. From 1983 to 1990 he took musical lessons in his hometown. After that, he focussed on creating his first cassette tapes with his own electronic music recordings. His first release ever was a contribution to the "Wunderwelt Musik" sampler, compiled by Swiss youth magazine Musenalp and German label Erdenklang. In 1993, he briefly collaborated with Lambert Ringlage and founded his own band [´ramp] in 1996.
[´ramp] released their first album "nodular" on Mario Schonwalder´s Manikin label in 1998. After that, the band continued to release their albums independently, culminating in the recording of the acclaimed live concert they performed at Jodrell Bank Radio Observatory in 2001. Around that time, Parsick also collaborated with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock and released his first solo album "Traces of the Past" in 1998. From 1998 to 2002, Parsick sporadically was a member of the bands COSMIC HOFFMANN and MIND OVER MATTER respectively. With [´ramp] he began exploring what they called "doombient", dark ambient music darker than dark and deeper than deep. The album "ceasing to exist", recorded in collaboration with touch guitar player Markus Reuter, probably is the best showcase for this type of style. Being a prolific music producer and sound designer, Parsick released a variety of limited-edition solo albums of ambient drone-based music along with a series of CDs under his own name and with [´ramp].

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