Live @ E-Day 2007 by EL-KA Live @ E-Day 2007
4 tracks

Running time: 1:05:32
Released: 01/2008

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Recorded 100% live on 28th April 2007 at E-Day 2007.
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Galactic Sequences by EL-KA Galactic Sequences
5 tracks

Running time: 0:54:39
Released: 09/2006

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Recorded 100% live on 29th April 2006 at the Planetary Bochum where EL-KA performed together with David Wright.
The bonus track #5 was recorded straight to a stereo track. Just like live playing conditions. It was the final rehearsal.
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February 2004 HaJo Liese (born 1957) visited Till Kopper (born 1965) for playing to gether music for the first time. They both agreed on the style of the improvised 1977 playing of Tangerine Dream as the starting point.
During these rehearsals the name EL-KA was born. It originates from the german pronounciation of the first letter of their family names (Liese and Kopper)and by coincidence this is the name of the italian company ELKA that became famous for their ELKA Rhapsody in the mid seventies. HaJo and Till both own such an ELKA Rhapsodies for some time now.

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