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Gemstones by Deep Imagination Gemstones
10 tracks

Running time: 1:00:27
Released: 01/2008

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SynGate CD-R DI02|2126

Gemstones is the second coup of DEEP IMAGINATION. The new album is coming up with four magical live versions, two brilliant remixes and brand-new music like the 15 minutes long track Gemstones, which sounds like emanated from a stalactite cave.
Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, mastermind of DEEP IMAGINATION, got the idea for this track while shooting photos of Gemstones on a visit to a museum. The guest musicians Thorsten Rentsch, bass and percussion, and Stefan Höllering, electro-saxophone, perform once again on this long track.
The latter is brilliant at a medley of Art Of Infinity with a soulful live performed Tenor Saxophone...
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Scapes by Deep Imagination Scapes
8 tracks

Running time: 0:48:47
Released: 04/2005

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SynGate CD-R DI01

Thorsten Sudler-Mainz is the leading light behind Deep Imagination, names I was hitherto unfamiliar with. Sudler-Mainz, keyboards and programming, is joined by other musicians such as Thorsten Rentsch on guitar to produce an agreeable concoction of instrumentals with each track ending in 'scape'. The initial piece, 'Moonscape', begins with suitably cosmic treatments evoking a sense of wonder providing an ideal soundtrack for moongazing or planetarium. Subtle and minimalist guitar contributions are added and the overall effect is atmospheric and melodic without overtly using recognisable melodies. 'Timescape' begins in impressionistic vein before percussion and an oriental-sounding theme give this...
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SynGate Records

The Ambient/Electronica project DEEP IMAGINATION was created in 2005 by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, founder of Art Of Infinity. In the same year the debut album Scapes was released with the German label SynGate. Music magazine Eclipsed wrote about the album: Scapes is both old-school-ambient (Tangerine Dream) and new-school-ambient (Art Of Infinity), the clear calmness is the secret of this work.

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