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Elements by Radio Silence Elements
19 tracks

Running time: 1:12:47
Released: 11/2014

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Record: 2008-2009 • Edition: 2014 • USC-WR-1411.0233

Mosaic of sleeps, dreams beckoning behind them, weightless reveries about the forthcoming, opening doors into a fairytale. Total release from the gravity of everyday life, impetuous flight of fantasy over clouds, far and wide - beyond the horizon. Elements of a game, so enticing and deceptive - just excite imagination. Mysterious landscapes painted by the keen artist's hand are attracting like a mirage - salutary oasis of perfection. There's nothing better to think up than to throw oneself and to sink in wonderful blaze, to fall into pieces all over parallel worlds without coming...
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Frosts by Radio Silence Frosts
9 tracks

Running time: 0:41:37
Released: 12/2013

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Record: 2009-2011 • Edition: 2013 • USC-WR-1312.0191

When frosts come, life hides in warm corners, covering from the harsh weather. Powerful storm whirls in a fast paced dance and veils the land with a fluffy white blanket. Frost draws intricate traceries on the windows. At nightfall, snowy vasts begin to sparkle under mysterious flickering starlight. The air is filled with thrilling anticipation of the holiday, and the magic of the New Year story from childhood dreams knocks at your house.

Composed by Radio Silence.
Keyboards, synthesizers, sampler, programmed, written and arranged by Alexey Markov.
Photography by Anatoliy Laptev.
Artwork by Alexey Markov. Artwork revised by...
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Don't Break Into Our Dreams by Radio Silence Don't Break Into Our Dreams
11 tracks

Running time: 0:47:53
Released: 09/2013

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Record: 2013 • Edition: 2013 • USC-WR-1309.0174

Dreams emerge out of our experiences and deepest wishes. Some of them can be implemented, for they are simple - inspired by the daily need. Another ones are impossible in reality, made of fragile materia, often reside to dreamers. They are very affected to outer influences, that can hurt or distort. So please, don't interfere another's dreams - just try to understand and share them.

Composed by Radio Silence.
Keyboards, synthesizers, programmed, written and arranged by Alexey Markov.
Track 11 inspired by "Siberiade Theme" by Edward Artemyev and dedicated to all Berlin School lovers.
Photography by Anatoliy Laptev.
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A project of Alexey Markov, electronic musician from Nizhny Novgorod, Russian Federation, also known by his other projects Tenth Cloud, Quantum Mechanics and Vortex Mechanic. Radio Silence took start in early 2004 and was his only project for many years exploring themes of world beauty and human love, technology and mystics. It gathers many styles staying easy listening, chillout and new age with an intelligent behaviour. Radio Silence was discontinued several times with the last album in 2013. For now there are no plans to continue it.

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