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Commencement by Eleomys Commencement
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Running time: 0:41:32
Released: 09/2014

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Record: 2013-2014 • Edition: 2014 • USC-WR-1409.0216

...just an essence, lost in gloom, among weird machinery and eternal frost. They are peculiar essences as well - iron giants, into whom life was breathed to make them... Could it be a kind of utopia? A perverted dream of ruined mind which seeks for solitude or unity with emptiness, if you wish. The value of silence is learnt when noise overflows everything around and breaks in thoughts. All these bawling dolls are unable to... ...shall begin, for a moment must necessarily come when all should be brought into primordial state - to the...
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Egor Tsarevskiy is an electronic musician from Krasnodar, Russia. He never recorded ambient music before. He is generally engaged with tech house and witch house, which are far away from our interests. While he already made small steps towards ambient, he found our label and was very inspired by our concept. So he decided to record more music in similar vein. And I should tell that this is without any discounts deep sorrowful isolationist ambient. Music of a dying world that needs a hard reset.

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