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Early Dreams by Sergey Kolesnikov Early Dreams
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Running time: 0:49:28
Released: 08/2014

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Record: 2011-2012 • Edition: 2014 • USC-WR-1408.0212

Such a long history of mankind, numbering tens of millennia, is dappled with white specks of obscurity. We know only scattered episodes from life of the ancient ancestors, which they tried to transmit to next generations as much as possible. Great volume of knowledge is lost, destroyed or kept back by destructive progress, aiming to the future like an arrow without looking back, while the past is being covered by sands of time, and myths and legends come to surrogate invaluable traditions. We can only guess, how the ancient looked at natural phenomena, which...
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This obscure musician from Saint-Petersburg is absolutely unknown to the world. He is writing electronic music since around 2003, though he had some earlier experiences with recording. And this is a crime, because his music by its quality and maturity is positioned mentally much over many material ejected nowadays. His deepest impression only with classical works of Klaus Schulze made his own works sound as similar as possible. Sergey has kept the distance from any labels trying to print CD-Rs and CDs himself with no luck. Later he tried to contact some of known EM labels that gently declined the offer. In 2013 he completely lost the faith in this world and left writing the music. He offered USC to release some of his best titles for a first try, while still waiting for attention of public.

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