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Constellations and the red thread by Otarion Constellations and the red thread
8 tracks

Running time: 1:08:13
Released: 05/2016

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Was Otarion mit seinen letzten drei Alben bereits angedeutet hatte, wird nun auf seinem neusten Werk „Constellations and the red Thread“ konsequent zu Ende gedacht. So wird sein typisch-elektronischer Sound mit den bekannt-prägnanten Naturtupfern immer mehr von rockigen Elementen getragen. Damit verwandelt sich das Album von Song zu Song. Trotzdem weiß man immer, wo man sich gerade befindet und welche Scheibe gerade rotiert. Spacerock gepaart mit einem Hauch Disco klingt ungewöhnlich, funktioniert aber herrlich. Otarion nutz bestimmte Themen, die gekonnt wiederkehren und das gesamte Konzeptalbum zusammenhalten. Sphärische Frauenchöre, rotzige E-Gitarre, Stakkato artige Sequenzen, wilde Orgelsoli und ein immer...
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Out of Eden by Otarion Out of Eden
11 tracks

Running time: 1:11:10
Released: 02/2014

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With his new album "Out of Eden" has become the winner musician countries, daring as his debut CD, a biblical theme approach. However, he stressed the historical arc much further.

For this CD is Otarion has deliberately left time. Here, the listener notices a stylistic evolution, the musical identity of Otarion remains always on. The symbiosis of nature - and classical instrumentation with the EM take the listener for 71 minutes in exciting head cinema.
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The Electronic Music has always pulled him under its spell.
Even as a keyboardist in a school band late 70s he spared his bandmates not to ideas and influences from the fields of EM.
But vocational education and training in 1989 left him in touch with the synths only again.
First, for your own reference only on DAT tape and audio cassettes, his music found its way into the practice of a practitioner.
The great demand for his patients led him to give a small run of audio cassettes in order.
One of these tapes got Sylvia Sommerfeld, president of the vibrations Club (now schallwende eV).
It was here that contacts with musicians and record labels.
And so came to 21 June 1997, the debut album "Let there be light" Out at Manikin Records.

On 18 November 1998 gave Rainer Klein his debut concert in front of the audience of schallwende eV in Essen-Steele.
More stage experience, he could then, with Bernd Braun, also known by his stage name Arcanum
collect "sound-space-word" and various performances with the musicians Mario Schönwälder, Detlef Keller and Bas Broekhuis at the concerts.

Motivated and inspired by 2nd place in the competition "literature and electronic music" with the title "symbiosis" in 1998
he was working on the next album "Evolution", which was released in 2000 with the English record label New Harmony.
Under the same label then released the CD's "Creator" and "Faces of the night"
With the release of new music can Rainer Klein conscious time, and his compositions strives itself to be evaluated critically.

The album "Out of Eden" thus emerged over several years.
Here, the listener notices a stylistic evolution with the musical identity
of Otarion remains always on.

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