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Musique de Chambre by Serge Blenner Musique de Chambre
12 tracks

Running time: 1:00:35
Released: 05/2008

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With "Musique de Chambre" Serge Blenner publishes his seventeenth and most demanding work. On this new album the master of electronic music sends a complete virtual chamber orchestra on stage.
Came out is a sound enormous music- full of soul!
Serge Blenner creates it to breathe the electronic music life. The sensitive and melodic tracks device the listeners into dreams while listening the wonderful and filigree piano, the blowers and the pearling chimes of "Les Perles" or the urgent soprano voices, the harps and the string players of "Symbiose".
It is a very special sound of classical music, you can not stop listening...
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Serge Blenner was born in France in 1955. Before he moved to Germany in 1975 he studied late composition and harmony at the conservatory of Mulhouse. At a very early stage of this new genre he began to experiment with electronic music and presented his work in a series of live concerts in Munich and Hamburg in 1978. Since 1979 he has been living in Hamburg and works in his Studio Esthematique. 1999 he set up his label MdeC Editions and has been publishing his latest albums himself.

Serge Blenner is an independent composer. Unlike many of his contemporaries he will not "try anything" to attract public attention. Instead he works consequently on the development of his personal styles of composition and orchestration.
Though Serge Blenner has composed and released an impressive number of albums (16 in 25 years, to be exact), like a true artist he has never really been concerned about commercial success or popularity. Thats why, despite his considerable base of loyal fans and customers (who live as far away as in Sydney, Tokyo, and Minneapolis), hardly anyone knows anything about the life and work of Serge Blenner in the country he has chosen to call home, Germany. This may be because Blenners music isn´t easy to categorise as any particular genre. It´s not really ambient, nor chill out - it's stimulating philosophic New Age Music, at most. After all, life in a pigeonhole isnt particularly comfortable, no matter how popular they may be.

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