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Cosmic Voyagers by Sayer Cosmic Voyagers
10 tracks

Running time: 1:16:09
Released: 11/2015

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Time to embark on a deep space adventure to explore places beyond our solar system and even beyond the reaches of our galaxy. You will not find the calm and serene styles typically associated with space music. With Cosmic Voyagers the goal is to provide mystery and intrigue with unique and interesting sounds that you may not have ever heard before. It also aims to provide a sense of energy and excitement through the use of extensive sequencing.

This release contains over 76 minutes of melodic sequencer music.

I hope you enjoy what I have created!
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Time Travelers Too by Sayer Time Travelers Too
11 tracks

Running time: 1:16:42
Released: 07/2015

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Time Travelers Too offers more adventures related to the time travel theme. This was a planned follow-up to the original Time Travelers release.

The goal with Time Travelers Too was to sound less "retro" compared to Time Travelers. This was accomplished by the use of sounds that are a bit more modern in nature, while still keeping a familiar and consistent overall feel.
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Time Travelers by Sayer Time Travelers
11 tracks

Running time: 1:17:58
Released: 02/2015

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The Time Travelers theme offers many opportunities to
create sequence driven electronic music. In most cases
the name of each track was decided first, then I wrote
music to support the theme and meaning of the chosen

In addition to the time travelers theme, the actual
composition style and sounds aim to transport the
listener to different periods of time in sequence
based electronic music, from the early days to current
and hopefully even to futuristic directions.

"Evening Drive" is the only track to break from the
Time Travelers theme. It was my entry to the March
2014 KVR "One Synth Challenge" contest which
allowed use of only the free OBXD software
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Sounds of Atoms by Sayer Sounds of Atoms
10 tracks

Running time: 1:17:36
Released: 01/2014

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After completing Random Access Melodies I intended to take a break from creating new music and instead direct my efforts to remaster and re-release some of my older, pre-1st Encounter material. Then the plan was to start on new tracks for the Sounds of Atoms themed release.

The work on the older material never happened because inspiration kept getting in the way and before long I had the majority of the tracks in-work for Sounds of Atoms. The six months invested in Sounds of Atoms have been some of the most enjoyable and productive months I have ever had working with...
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1st Encounter by Sayer 1st Encounter
9 tracks

Running time: 1:09:12
Released: 08/2013

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Originally released on CD in December of 2003. All tracks were remastered in 2013 for this new release.

The idea behind 1st Encounter was to try a new direction with my music, combining classic electronic music influences with more modern sounds and styles.

Review excerpts from the original CD release:

"Hot off the presses, the new album by Sayer is a rhythmic/ melodic extravaganza filled with colorful melodic hooks and crisp sequential riffs. There are cosmic symphonic moment interwoven into the mix, but by and large it’s a non-stop dose of motorik perfect for space cruising on the Autobahn. Your head will...
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Random Access Melodies by Sayer Random Access Melodies
13 tracks

Running time: 1:14:44
Released: 07/2013

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A collection of tracks recorded since the 1st Encounter release. It varies from relaxing sound-scapes to higher energy sequence driven adventures.

Review by David Law, MusicZeit:

"I am delighted that there is a new album by Sayer (the first in ten years I think). ‘Random Access Melodies’ cranks the sequences up right from the first track. They bounce along perfectly throughout the whole album, wonderful melodies weaving between the pulsations. It is a bit like a mix of Pyramid Peak, John Dyson, Glyn Lloyd Jones, Gert Emmens and Jean Michel Jarre. This could well make it into one of my top ten...
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