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Breed by corporation Breed
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Running time: 1:00:40
Released: 01/2008

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Breed is CORPORATION's third album, originally released in 1994. For this 2008 re-release, CORPORATION have again recruited Kevin Bate of Synthetik to digitally remaster the music using the latest technology at Synsounds Studio. The result is dynamic, exciting and breathes new life into this sought-after EM release that has been unavailable until now.

Breed is a journey into an exciting world of dramatic atmospheres, powerful melodies and punchy rhythms. Each track is a world unto itself, a carefully thought-out composition with considerable depth.

The album has been compared with artists such as Mark Shreeve, Synthetik, Jean-Michel Jarre, Andy Pickford...
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CORPORATION was created by Adam Britton and Iain Lowe in 1991 with one goal: to create great melodic, dynamic electronic music. They were influenced by the 80's and 90's proponents of EM such as Mark Shreeve, Jarre, Ian Boddy and Tangerine Dream. Each of their tracks is capable of standing alone, creating atmospheres you can cut with a knife and rhythms that should have your feet tapping. CORPORATION released three albums - Dark Destiny, Subculture and finally Breed in 1994.

CORPORATION went their separate ways after Breed, but despite running a company specialing in crocodile research Adam Britton has found time to start composing again. The new material should please fans of our older work, while at the same time showing greater maturity and experience.

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