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A Sense Of Wonder (Vols 1 & 2) by Mirrored Meridian A Sense Of Wonder (Vols 1 & 2)
24 tracks

Running time: 2:13:22
Released: 07/2013

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Double CD.
NB: Best listened to in gapless format.

This double album represents the humble beginnings for Mirrored Meridian, with the tracks being recorded through 2007 to 2011. The two albums, A Sense Of Wonder (Earth) and A Sense Of Wonder (Universe), were intended as a personal musical homage to some of the wonders of our little blue planet and the immense universe in which we exist.

There is a mix of electronic styles, with influences ranging from 1970's Tangerine Dream, 1970's Jarre, Banco De Gaia, Vangelis etc.

Probably more 'song' based than the later Heliolatry album, but still an album with soundtrack tendencies...
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Heliolatry by Mirrored Meridian Heliolatry
15 tracks

Running time: 1:12:34
Released: 05/2013

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Heliolatry is the third album from Mirrored Meridian and consists of a 13 track science-fantasy soundtrack, sandwiched between two space-ambient tracks.

The story follows Aharnia as she escapes sacrifice to the sun god Urall Dum Ra, and embarks upon a quest to seek out the supposedly mythical Temple Of True Light. After a long journey the temple is revealed to her in all its majesty. The encounter sees her transformed and transferred to another plane of existence whereupon the essence of being is revealed to her. Just your normal day to day events!

The music...
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The Sleep Of Many Dreams   Play song

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Mirrored Meridian is the moniker used for the electronic, ambient and soundtrack projects of a musician and composer currently based in Stoke-On-Trent.

Initially a guitarist, a love for keyboards and synthesizers began at the turn of the century and continues to this day, draining most of any income.

Much of the music is inspired by landscape, science and astronomy. Whilst trying to move forward, one foot remains unashamedly in the past. For this, there is no apology!

In the main, music should be fun and enjoyed. Most of the musical projects are (or have been) fun to work on and it is hoped that any listener will enjoy some of the tracks, if not all.

CT - 2013

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