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Time Lines by Perceptual Defence Time Lines
19 tracks

Running time: 2:33:15
Released: 11/2014

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SynGate PD03 Double album

PERCEPTUAL DEFENCE is the musical project of Gabriele Quirici. Electronic musician from Rome (Italy) Perceptual Defence has composed and produced more than 40 cds.

Our Life is filled with emotive events both positive and negative and
are through our senses that we can remember them.
One of these senses, the hearing is the most important since we were Child.
In the last 5 Years I've collected short tracks or loops dominated by
sequencers and arpeggiators created during or after emotive moments.

Initially my idea was to create a double CD of personal compositions but later I
decided to split the...
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Illumina Tenebras by Perceptual Defence Illumina Tenebras
2 tracks

Running time: 1:10:14
Released: 10/2013

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syngate luna pd02

track 1 recorded live by perceptual defence at la scarzuola, montegabbione (italy)
the 22th june 2013 for the "illumina tenebras" butoh dance performance
about the life of st. francis of assisi.

track 2 recorded live by perceptual pefence at the sasso pinzuto necropolis,
tuscania (italy) the 6th july 2013 for the "tur vinum" non company butoh dance performance
about the ancient etruscan ritual of the symposium.
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Physis by Perceptual Defence Physis
4 tracks

Running time: 1:06:01
Released: 02/2013

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It is an emotional Trip inside one of the most historical place in Ancona (Italy) where during the 18th century it was utilized as medical center for plague and leprosy patients. Now the place called "Mole Vanvitelliana" is utilized as cultural center. Perceptual Defence played live in this place in september 2012 and his purpose in this album was to reproduce the ambivalent feeling of this place full of historical pain but also great creativity.
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