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Blue Light by Dreamaiden Blue Light
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Running time: 0:48:35
Released: 01/2008

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Blue Light is the debut CD by Dreamaiden. Released on April 22, 2007, the album has received glowing reviews by the music community and the general listening public alike. Described as beautiful, hypnotic, ambient electronica with shades of Tangerine Dream and Enigma, every track was lovingly crafted and the final CD was produced with the highest quality in mind.

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Welcome to the beautiful and creative world of Dreamaiden. Here you will find samples of the enchanting music from the Blue Light CD by award-winning composer Susan Baird released in April of 2007.

A blending of psychology, metaphysics, artistry and technology, the goal of Dreamaiden is to inspire, entertain, and just for a moment, touch the listener’s soul.

The characteristic Dreamaiden sound evolved over the years from an alchemy of influences and seemingly unrelated life experiences. For any artist, fully understanding these influences and experiences takes time and can best be appreciated in the overview of one’s life to date. Once absorbed into the psyche and soul, it is the compelling force of the artist’s nature to share it with the world through the chosen art form.

Developing the language and technical ability to communicate effectively and accurately is a skill set that requires time, patience and dedication. While understanding and skill are key ingredients, true art is born of passion and choices of sound and color. Intuitively, and consciously, the artist combines all of these elements, molding the creation into it’s final masterpiece.

Upon completion of the art, there is a moment of bliss that lasts forever the moment where the artist sees his own soul reflected back through the art. The artist and the art are one - the elixir of artistic Self-expression.

While creating art has its own inherent rewards for the artist, the compelling desire to share it with the world is as natural as the desire to create. It is most rewarding when the art speaks to the listener on some level and is appreciated. This is the reciprocal circle of life.

So what is the alchemy that drives the Dreamaiden sound? My work transcends boundaries but has been influenced by a life-long interest in the following:

World religions and metaphysics
Energy and frequencies
The effect of music on the brain and awareness
Self-development and spiritual psychology
Love of electronic music
Love of art

These influences provide a rich backdrop for what is now an intuitive creative process and the pure love, joy and passion of creating beautiful electronic music.

The music from the Blue Light CD has a wide appeal. Electronic music lovers love the organic, rich, analog sounds combined with the beauty of the digital sounds. Lovers of good melodies that evoke emotion love this music.

Those who are sensitive report that the music evokes a deep sense of relaxation. What makes this music stand out from most ambient music is that there is plenty of rhythmic activity which the brain requires in order not to get bored.

Some people have simply reported that they love the the beautiful music, while others sense a higher frequency. It has been interesting to hear which pieces people love the most. It appears that there is something here for everyone.

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