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Manipulator by AntiMatterMan Manipulator
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Running time: 1:04:26
Released: 11/2007

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Bombastic darkwave industrial beats from
the teutonic master of metal mayhem!

AntiMatterMan's debut album on Earth Academy Records features furious techno-trance beats spliced with metallic industrial chrome, and experimental ambient noise, voiced by the androgynous robotic tones of AntiMatterMan himself. This is a hardcore cybernetic experience, with an underlying Terminator style atmosphere, and futuristic landscapes. Definitely one for the Cyber-Goths and CyberDog crowd. Get out your glo-sticks and pump action droids.

Sometimes I ask myself:
Have we ever been human?
Do we have a soul that needs a body?
Do we finally need a body?
Aren't we just biomachines?

The Cyber-Genetic blood
in your Musical Headroom.

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Bombastic darkwave industrial beats from
the teutonic master of metal mayhem!

From 1988, Sascha started making electronic music, in Germany, with an Atari1040STF, two synths and a self-made hall device. Then at Documenta IX in Kassel in 1992 he worked on 'Van Gogh TV' as composer and sound engineer. At the start of the millennia, Sash met with 'INTELLIGENTSIA', motivating his first commercial Project: 'PSYCLONIC PARANDROID', with the release of "Touching Tomorrow" on the 2001 global compilation "WORLDWIDEKIND". His artist name being a fusion of 4 words:
'Psychic' + 'Cyclone' and 'Para' + 'Android'.

The German label 'MetaWaveMusic' then signed Psyclonic Parandroid in 2002 with the first release of "I have seen the Future", "Twisted Science" and "City Interlude". Followed by the compilation CD "Futuristic Trips" in April 2003.

'ANTI MATTTER MAN' was born in mid 2000 during the creation of a track of the same name. Five years on, AntiMatterMan re-birthed and signed to Earth Academy. While Psyclonic Parandroid seeks the experimental, AntiMatterMan takes it further, to darker techno, break beats and industrial cybernetics. Expressing the "mental storm of a million thoughts, being a mixture of man and machine of emotion and rationalism".

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