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Part of the Industry by Stockman Part of the Industry
8 tracks

Running time: 1:00:28
Released: 09/2014

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syngate luna gs07
released 2014

Anyone who is familiar with Stockman, may possibly be surprised about this album, as it is fresh, fast, danceable and full of energy. But anyway it still is recognizeable Stockman style, as the composition was done on the background of many years of experience in the development of Stockman.
Rather more elekro but electronic, partly danceable but as well with elements of Ambient this album is something for body and spirit.
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Experiment 545 by Stockman Experiment 545
6 tracks

Running time: 0:57:47
Released: 12/2012

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syngate luna gs06

The 6th album from the Belgian artist Godfried Stockmans aka STOCKMAN is suitable for listeners who like industrial ambient. It describes an ecological desaster of incredible extent after a failed experiment having consequences for the entire civilisation. The music mirrors doubts, confidence and suspension during the experiment. After its failure and extensive conatmination despair, grief, rage, hope and resignation are expressed in different varieties. But the world keeps changed and empty...
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Sequences On Request by Stockman Sequences On Request
7 tracks

Running time: 0:57:16
Released: 03/2010

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SynGate CD-R 2174

After the collaboration with Mac of BIOnighT on the album 'Solar Mission' this is Godfried Stockman's 4th solo album.

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Solar Mission (feat. Mac of BIOnighT) by Stockman Solar Mission (feat. Mac of BIOnighT)
11 tracks

Running time: 1:06:52
Released: 08/2008

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SynGate CD-R 2138

Transmitting energy directly from the sun to Earth: a wild theory that became a project. Two scientists travel towards the sun in a powerful – and powerfully shielded – spaceship. The two men will get closer to our star than was ever thought possible and launch a probe into it in order to collect data. They will use the data to set up an experimental station orbiting around the star to test the energy transmission plant before coming back to Earth...
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Future Science by Stockman Future Science
10 tracks

Running time: 1:05:29
Released: 08/2007

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SynGate CD-R 2119

As a young boy I was very interested in the world of science. It amazed me back then (and still now!) what scientists could do and how they explored and invented things.
So I created this musical 'Future Science' project and composed some tracks on some thoughts and how that sounds to me. I believe the titles / track names speak for themself, and sincerely hope you'll enjoy my musical interpretations of them.
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Mining by Stockman Mining
11 tracks

Running time: 0:55:16
Released: 08/2005

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SynGate CD-R 2060

This album represents Stockman's personal experiences as a miner during the period of 1975-1982. After all those years of working underground he wanted to create a musical piece to express his feelings of working down a mine.
1 Going Underground represents the 'Bell-like' warning signals that were given by the personnel who operated the main-shaft elevators that went to 720-800m deep. 2 Medit - The mine workers were transported to the coal-seam face in small underground trains. 3 The Machine Inside - Upon arrival at the coal-seam face, the machines that tunnel and dig-out the rocks and coal work...
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World Of Azquan by Stockman World Of Azquan
12 tracks

Running time: 0:57:32
Released: 10/2003

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SynGate CD-R 2018

Intro is as good a beginning as any, with waves of synths sweeping across the sonic landscape. Get the Mood features a light bright beat and flutes. Sounding dangerously close to muzak, more synth layers save it halfway along, and this ends up being really quite nice. The Vision throbs low and steady, moving into a melodic midsection. Stockman excels at arranging and composing, each piece having a distinct story to tell. Beyond Imagination has more flutes and an Eastern tinge to it. The Guiding has female chants that intrude a bit much for my taste. A New...
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SynGate Records

Godfried Stockman(s) from Belgium has more than 30 years experience in music, studio mixing and production experiences starting from tape decks ,synths, samplers and sound modules to Logic midi, AW8, Logic Silver, Logic Gold and the last stage Logic Platinum.
Musical skills starting from guitar and bass player in some local bands, and later piano courses. Active composer /songwriter with more than 150 songs already composed.
Wide range of musical intrest starting from classic to electronic music and everything between it.

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